Mac users are growing since the past decade and the MAC computer is an ever popular way to create funeral programs. Because the MAC is well known for its ease of use and user-friendly functionality, it is the ideal tool to create a quick funeral program. The best way to do this and save as much time as possible is to use a template specifically compatible on the MAC.

We recommend using Apple iWork Pages as it is made by Apple and therefore works seamlessly on this platform. Although Apple no longer provides a free trial of Pages®, it can be bought and downloaded for a very reasonable price of $20. Belive me, it is worth the investment and once you use Pages®, you will never go back using Microsoft Word again!

So Mac user rejoice! It is very easy to learn and quite intuitive so the learning curve is minimal. Our online tutorial library offers free how-to videos for iWork Pages® and you can watch them without even having to purchase a template. Everything you need to know on how to make a funeral program on a Mac is all inclusive in our library of videos.

Starting out with a template for iWork Pages® is the so convenient and the results are absolutely professional! Using a software that Apple itself has created as an alternative to Microsoft Word is key to making your life easier as you work on a MAC. Because the integration between iPhoto® and Pages® is so simple, it makes it a breeze to do.funeral program template mac

iWork Pages® is a graphic program with very basic tools that create really nice programs, brochures, and other marketing material. Our templates for Pages® are .pages documents although the software can also open up Word documents. You can also export to a Word document if you must have your final program in WORD.

You can literally drag and drop your photos into the Pages® template unlike Microsoft’s software where there is a procedure you must follow in order to insert your photos correctly in the template. There is built in cropping tools and preset frames if you want to add more embellishments. The final funeral program can be exported to a PDF file as well as a WORD document. Everything is so handy, I know once you work with it, you will be hooked and will love it!

All our funeral templates are provided with an option to download the iWork Pages® version, just select it in the dropdown menu and you’ll be able to use it on any MAC.

carole galassi, creative director
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Carole Galassi is not only an avid MAC user but is also the Creative Director and founder of the View the latest designs for personalizing funeral related printed materials you can create yourself, visit the online superstore.

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