Funeral Poems for Loved One

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During a memorial or funeral service, you may want to include several funeral readings in the form of in loving memory poems. Generally there are no more than a few readings throughout the course of the funeral or memorial service but depending on the type of funeral reading you want to include, it may be acceptable to have more than a few in loving memory poems to read.

A poem reading can be in the form of a twentieth century or contemporary poem, and even a short written work by the deceased or a friend. Many people find their most profound feelings expressed through poetry. Poetry can be many things to many people. It can tap into our emotions with beautifully orchestrated words. There are many public domain poems that are appropriate for use for in loving memory poems.

These types of poems have themes of grief, expresses gratitude, hope, and reflection. Feelings for the death of a friend, mother, father, and grandparents can be found within these types of in loving memory poetic verses.

Often you may find searching through poetry can be time consuming if they are not properly indexed by themes. There are some websites that index by theme and these may prove to be more helpful and less time consuming for you.

In Loving Memory Poem Themes

The poetry themes suitable for in loving memory poems are Grief and Loss, The Cycle of Life, Love is Forever, The Dead Live On, Death is a Journey, Death Brings Peace, Guilt, and Life Celebration.

The Grief and Loss poems offers poetry that deals with feelings of grief during a loss of a loved one. Cycle of Life encompasses words that relate to the birth and death cycle of life for humans and those who live on the earth. Love is Forever themes offer poetry that relates to the love one feels for their loved one and how the love will remain forever in their hearts. The Dead Live On Themes focus on life after death and eternal life.

Death is a Journey themed poetry illuminates the path to death and the walk to the last days of the deceased. The theme for Death Brings Peace offers and projects the deceased and resting in peace and lying in sweet slumber. There are also poems that have a theme for Guilt in which the family member may experience a sort of guilt for their passing. Poems with a Life Celebration theme celebrate the deceased life with accounts of certain milestones.

Place a poem in a beautiful funeral program for your loved one. Our website does provide many in loving memory poems selections for you to consider in incorporate in the funeral or memorial program. Check out our Best Poems for Funerals for more samples of poetry.