A Funeral Program Handout

A Funeral Program Handout

Posted by The Funeral Program Site on Jan 13th 2020

A funeral program handout is a printed memorial that you distribute at the funeral or memorial service of a loved one. It is the final piece of tangible keepsake that is provided to all attendees which contains the deceased biography and other pertinent information and highlights from the life lived.

The Funeral Program Site offers many different types of hand outs especially created for the final celebration of life. We don't mess around when it comes to creating a beautiful and lovely keepsake that you can be proud of handing out to everyone. Typically funeral programs are kept throughout the years because its not any ordinary program, it summarizes the achievements of a loved one and is considered a precious memorial to many who knew them.

A handout can be a funeral program,  prayer card, memorial card, or memorial bookmark. It can be whatever the family wants to give out that gives honor to their loved one's memory. So there is no right or wrong type of hand out, it can even be as simple as a heart cut out with the name and dates of the deceased printed on it.

Regardless of whatever you choose or decide, The Funeral Program Site has it all. We try to stay on the cutting edge of every printed memorial imaginable so we can continue to provide you the best selection.