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To be a woman or man you must have an educated heart. An educated heart offers thanks for the gift of life and the chance to give the gift of love. It has learned to give and to ask nothing in return. It is kind even when kindness is not returned. It is humble before the wisdom of the more learned It gives encouragement because it has felt the disappointment of failure. It applauds because it remembers the thrill of success. It forgives because it knows what it means to ask forgiveness. It is tolerant because it sees the faults of others as a reflection of its own. It shares itself with the lonely for it has known the heartbreak of loneliness. It is grateful for the blessings that have come in place of unrealized dreams. It sees the longing for affection that lies beneath shyness, the love that silence conceals. It gives help where others give empty promises. It is courageous but never rash, cautious but never cowardly. It knows no fear because it knows the power of faith. It has searched for peace and found it within itself It is an educated heart. It is the heart of a woman or man.