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I've Changed My Address

I’ve changed my address to Heaven
I’ve crossed the Great Divide.
I know there’s no sorrow or crying,
Because I’ve reached the other side.
I am so happy to be here,
for the Lord Himself I see.
I’ve changed my address to Heaven,
I bid this world goodbye.
I now live forever with Jesus in
my new home in the sky.
I have no burdens or heartaches
And from tears I am now free.
I’ve changed my address to Heaven,
I’m safe forevermore. 
For the Lord built a mansion
And my name is on the door.
You can find us walking together,
For where He is, I’ll always be.
I’ve changed my address to Heaven,
That’s the place you’ll find me.


Jane Smith
12 Gates to the City Avenue
New Jerusalem, Heaven 77777