A Better Solution for Creating Funeral Bulletins

Jun 29th 2018

We have a short video on how to create a text box into Apple iWork Pages. We offer templates for Pages, Publisher, and Microsoft Word.

There are several ways to create funeral bulletins. There are preprinted paper with designs already on them which can be run through your laser printer to write the custom text on the inside of the program and there are funeral bulletin templates like we sell at our Funeral Programs Superstore! The advantages to using a template file verses the preprinted paper is that you can print it on demand. You are also not locked into having to purchase preprinted paper in quantities you may never use. Also the preprinted paper way is much more limiting than the template.

You can't place the photo on the front cover or any other text since the front is preprinted with a design already. With our funeral templates, you have the most versatility and control. You can place a photo anywhere you'd like and you are not restricted by the design in anyway like the preprinted ones. Although it does save you ink, you may want to carefully weigh which is more important for you...saving ink or having the most flexibility in the creation of your funeral bulletin.

Most people opt for the latter and find that our quality templates are the best there is on the web! Have you read our testimonials? Hear what others who have come before you are saying about our products and services.