A Closer Look at The Gatefold Program

Jun 28th 2018

The gatefold program has been around for a few years now. It has mainly been used traditionally for wedding programs but our designers have converted this unique program presentation into one of our template categories for funeral programs.

It is a beautiful way to create a program for a loved one. For families who are looking for a non-conventional look for their order of service and obituary information, consider downloading one of our templates.

In all honestly, the gatefold program is not the easiest template to prepare from a designer's point of view. It is a time consuming process because the measurements and layout must match exactly on the front cover to achieve a continuous look on the folding gates.

The end result however, is a template that families can use to produce an excellent end product. To create a gatefold program from scratch would take hours of work in design and layout. By using a template that is predesigned and preformatted, you can achieve this same look with minimal effort and hours!

There are literally hundreds of designs that are available to you in our online superstore of template designs. Currently, they are offered with preprinted elegant titles on the front but you can order by phone to get the gatefold template in an any occasion template which allows you to be able to use them for events other than funerals. Since you are able to edit the titles and use your own fonts, customizing them is easy!

We do plan on adding to our inventory of gatefold programs but are a little behind due to the large amount of templates we create on a weekly basis. As with any of our template layouts, you can get a design you like in any of our layout presentations. So if you don't see it online, call us and we'll be happy to create it for you within a few short minutes. Phone orders are emailed directly to you while we are on the phone to ensure your receipt.

If your looking for a new and different way to create a memorial, the gatefold might be just the presentation you need. These are printed on a legal size paper (8.5" x 14"), front and back. We recommend a 32 lb. text weight paper which is a good weight for folding. Do not use a cardstock paper since folding will prove to be a challenge and cracking will also occur.

The design is present for both the front and back of the paper with a photo box on the front cover, which can be removed, if no photo is desired. Assembly is straightforward and simple. Follow the lines we give you on the printed background and fold the front cover inwards to achieve an opening look when the viewer opens the program.

More great unique layouts are waiting for you at our online superstore!