A Custom Funeral Program Made Easy

A Custom Funeral Program Made Easy

Posted by Admin on Feb 11th 2019

No matter what kind of funeral program you’ve envisioned using for your service, you will easily find it on our site. Not only that but if you are feeling too overwhelmed in this grieving time, we also offer services to help take some of the burdens off your shoulders. Our professional designers can take your text and photos and turn them into a beautiful program that will do your loved one justice. Or you can opt to do the work yourself and choose one of our templates to download and customize to your liking. The amount of help you receive from us and the level of customization that goes into your programs will be entirely up to you.

We offer funeral program templates that you can download and print out yourself or custom made programs, which we will print and ship to you. The programs we ship are offered with your choice of 2-day FedEx shipping or overnight shipping, and we ask you to confirm the date you need your programs to ensure they will arrive on time. As for our templates, you will have access to an immediate download of your template after purchase, so you can begin designing your program as soon as possible. We provide downloads for Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages, so no matter which program you prefer to use, you will be able to easily create the perfect funeral program from the comfort of your own home. Our team of professional designers is also available to help you customize your template if you wish.

If you are deciding to print your own programs and would like a downloadable template, we have several different styles available to you. Gatefold Programs and TriFold Brochures print as single-page, double-sided sheets which you then fold appropriately. There are six panels available in either of these styles, which you can fill with text, photos, or anything else you like. For these two designs, we do not recommend adding pages. If you are envisioning a funeral program with more pages, we recommend our Graduated Fold Templates, Large Tabloid Booklets, or Legal Size Booklets.

Graduated Fold Templates come in two varieties – 4-sided and 8-sided. If you want your programs to have more pages, the 8-sided templates will allow you more space for pictures, poems, stories, and anything else you’d like to include to celebrate your loved one’s life. 8-Sided Graduated Fold booklets print onto two double-sided pages and are folded off center to create the graduated effect. We recommend using two staples in the centerfold to bind the booklets together once they’ve printed. You can choose either a template with the graduated folds on the right-hand side or on the bottom. Our 8-Sided Graduated Fold booklets are available in Letter Size, Legal Size, and Large Tabloid sized designs. We do not recommend adding pages to Graduated Fold Templates as it complicates the assembly process.

If you would rather have unlimited pages, our Large Tabloid Booklets and Legal Size Booklets are the best options. These booklets come standard as 8-sided, printing onto two double-sided pages, but the booklets’ design makes it extremely easy to add any number of pages to your program. Assembly is simple – fold the printed sheets in half and layer them inside one another, then staple the center fold to bind the pages together.

If you are certain of what text, poetry, photos, and other details you’d like in your program, but aren’t confident in your ability to put them together for a professional and beautiful look, we also offer a professional customization service that can be added on to any of our templates. You will send your information and photos to our designer and they will compose everything in the template for you and send it back.

All of our templates are available in a wide range of themes. These themes will determine the background images of your program, as well as the colors used throughout the template. For example, the US Flag Large Funeral Booklet Template (Tabloid Size) features a U.S. Flag dimensional background design that’s perfectly suited to military service members, and the main colors used throughout the template are red, white, and blue. You can also find natural templates such as flower designs or waterfalls, religious templates, and elegant, simple color background templates in our collection.

You can also opt to leave all the printing and designing to us, and choose from our Complete Full Service options. We will do all the work of typesetting and arranging your information and photos to make you a beautiful, professional funeral program. Plus, when you choose our Complete Full Service, there is no printing or assembly required on your end. We will print your programs on your choice of paper and ship them to you. You can find all of the template program styles mentioned above as a Complete Full Service selection instead, as well as Accordion Fold Programs and Envelope Fold Programs.