A Father’s List of Last Wishes

Mar 23rd 2018

Who could have known a strong and sturdy man can watch his body slowly wither at a young age of 40? The healthy food regime coupled with an active outdoor lifestyle was bettered by his vices of nonstop drinking and smoking. The acceptance stage was the hardest. To be told that he needs to undergo dialysis at least three times a week is devastating enough. The cost of doing so adds insult to the injury.

This story of a father is just one of the many real life situations of young fathers staring death right through its face. After the acceptance stage, they normally feel blessed to have known that their days are coming to an end. This gives them the chance to say everything they’ve been holding back; rectify wrongs done; and make up for all the time lost that were supposedly spent with loved ones.

The following were the usual things a dying father asks of his family:

Presence. He needs to feel that everyone of his family is there for him. They need not physically be there but keeping in touch by phone or any other way is good enough. At this point in time, he doesn’t ask for anything too much; just love and affection.

Indulgence. One thing that a sick and dying father hates the most is the endless limitations on foods, drinks, etc. Let him feel good about life while hanging on the littlest straw of breath he has. The family can do this by letting him indulge sometimes.

Quick interment. Generally, fathers do not want a long viewing of his dead body. Two or three days are enough. Since almost everyone knows he’s dying, it is expected that most have already paid their respects early on (even while he was still living).

Funeral arrangement details. It’s quite rare for dying people to have reached this stage before their time has finally come. But for those who do, they express how they want their funeral arrangements done and even go as far as preparing a Funeral Program Template.

Songs and poems. Like the previous item, dying fathers sometimes even have the time to think of what songs they want played during their funeral and at the time of burial. They may subtly say something about poems they want recited or written on their funeral programs.

These last wishes are not to be taken lightly. Because these have come from the mouth of a dying father, everything must be followed down to the littlest detail.