A Love Lost For Eternity

Mar 23rd 2018

When love is lost, how are we to go on? Time indeed can heal the grief but that’s a long way to go. The here and now is what’s important. And it’s just simply unbearable but as they say, ‘Life must go on’. Sadly, the first part of moving on is facing your beloved boyfriend’s body in a casket; lifeless.

And worse, more likely than not, you are emotionally dependent on your boyfriend as is usually the case. The elders don’t usually understand the mourning. For them it’s not so much of a big deal since he’s not yet your husband. But of course, they don’t see things as you do. Here are a few suggestions you can use to lessen the pain:

Go out with the girls. Hang out with friends. If you’ve not been partying for quite some time, now is the perfect time to do so.

Join group dates. If you’re not yet ready to go out dating, don’t shut yourself from group dates. Some interested men might badly want to take you out even if it means having all your friends as chaperon (a girl’s guardian when out on a date).

Spend quality time with family. The best support group is still within your reach –your family. You can pour your heart out without inhibitions or concerns of maintaining your ‘strong’ reputation. It doesn’t need to be grand like a planned event. You can spend quality time while just watching a movie at home or have a midnight snack with your mom.

Join organizations with a cause. Find a group which best fits your interest. It could be a photographers’ society, a religious organization of all single men and women, or even a pet lovers’ group. You might even find your future better half here.

Get busy. Occupy your mind with things bigger than just mourning. As much as possible, leave no hour unattended unless it’s your sleep time. Some girls I know work an 8-hour shift all weekdays, take post graduate classes do charity works. They practically go home only to sleep.

Find an outlet which works best for you. There are a lot of ways of moving on while keeping the memories of your beloved alive. If you don’t want to keep those teddy bears he gave you but want to at least have something to remember him by, try the Plantable Seeds Collection. Check out the memorial keepsakes and favors available at Celebrations of Life Store.