A Loving Tribute To Annette Funicello

Mar 21st 2018

Beautiful Annette Funicello died today which leaves one less lovely person in our world. I am actually not in her age group, in fact, I'm probably more the age of her children but I did grow up watching the reruns of The Mickey Mouse Club and she was always one of my favorites. Her down to earth demeanor and kindness on screen was captivating to me. I also loved watching her and my favorite Frankie Avalon on the beach movies they made together.

I know she had struggled with M.S. and went public with this disease back in the 1980's. I commend her for showering light on it and raising the awareness to the public. Back then, I don't think much was known about it.

I know the times I did see her on television after her announcement, she grew progressively worse until she was wheelchair bound. What am amazing and courageous woman! What I admired about her the most was her wholesale portrayal of characters on TV. I can't honestly say there are any wholesome characters on today, which is a sad ordeal all on its own.

She was a true role model for young women and someone who you can be as a big sister. All through her public life, she was a role model from her days as a mouseketeer to the end where she brought awareness of M.S. I really can't say this about too many celebrities today. She was truly one of a kind and I will miss her greatly.

My heart goes out to her family.

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