A Memorial for Independence Day 4th of July

Jun 28th 2018

As we approach the upcoming U.S. holiday, Independence Day or 4th of July as most of us know it as, consider using a patriotic or military themed program design. We have a large selection of these patriotic type of backgrounds that will be very appropriate if you have lost a loved one around this holiday.

Even if they did not serve in the military, the background design is a great addition to any memorial or funeral service. You may also want to look at our plantable seed packets or keepsakes. Growing a memorial or planting the seeds of life will provide that wonderful reminder year after year as you see beautiful wildflowers blossom up.

Having a loved one pass during a holiday may be not easy. But you can incorporate the holiday within the theme of your memorial or funeral service. This can be an encouraging thing to do for the family because instead of looking at a holiday associated with a death, you can turn it into a positive thing. For example, our upcoming 4th of July holiday is among us this coming week. If your loved one passes and you are planning a memorial service, embrace the holiday and use it as a day you can celebrate the life of your loved one. Then in the following year, as others celebrate Independence Day, you can use it as a day to celebrate the life and memory of your beloved.

Just because it is a holiday doesn't mean you have to shy away from it. Use it to your advantage and your healing. Don't let it get the better of you. If a loved one dies on a holiday, the family can opt not to celebrate the holiday but rather celebrate it in honor of the loved one. You can go against the crowd and create something more meaningful for your family.

The above image is a sample of one of our patriotic and/or military themed designs that can be downloaded directly to your computer from our online superstore.

Have a memorable 4th in your loved one's honor.