A Tribute to Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light

Jun 29th 2018

Thomas Kinkade, will forever be known as "The Painter of Light" with his magnificent canvas paintings that give that glimmer of light within each landscape. I had heard that he had a special technique which enabled him to create the lights he used within his paintings that he is so famous for. On Friday, April 6, 2012, he passed away quietly in his Bay Area home at the young age of 54. It is unknown what he died of and an autopsy is scheduled to be done within the next days to determine cause of death. His family believes, he died of natural causes.

I had never known another artist whom was so loved by his fans. He was truly blessed in his work of art and also blessed many who have them hanging on the walls of their homes. I have 8 Thomas Kinkade paintings in my home which I fully treasure. His artwork had a distinct characteristic of pulling the viewer into the scene. It promoted tranquility, peace, and spiritually.

Although the past few years of his life were filled with struggles for the famous artist, he continued on to persevere in his work. His work comforted so many people in a way that could only be a blessing from God. He had galleries all over the United States and his artwork became recognizable by many who followed him. I am saddened by his loss and the contribution he has made upon all of us who loved his art. Now as I look upon the artwork in my own home from this wonderful artist, I will not only see the spiritual message that he paints but the man himself, who will forever be remembered as The Painter of Light.

Rest in peace Thomas, and may you be forever in His glory.

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