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We are a California and Texas based studio specializing in the creation of Funeral Program templates. We created this website out of a personal need to see quality funeral program template products available on the web. We know that tending to all the details of funeral planning can get overwhelming but yet you want to produce the best memorial program for your loved one.

Everyone has lost a loved one at some time in their life, so we are committed to producing funeral programs that visually appealing and will help ease your preparation in the memorial service.

Our designs are one of a kind and unique, you won’t find them anywhere on the web…unless they’ve purchased it here first! Because Microsoft Word is a very popular application program that most computer have installed, our funeral program templates are based in WORD format.

We are experts in Microsoft Word, Publisher and Apple iWorks Pages applications and are equipped to assist you with any problems or questions you may have regarding the customization of your funeral program, memorial funeral card, or prayer card template. We have LIVE customer support and you can also reach us by email.

They are easy to edit and customize as your own. We provide excellent customer service as well as documentation and free video tutorials to assist you in producing the best funeral program you can have. Please  take the time to read our customer testimonials and see what others before you have said about our product and services.

If your looking for beautiful programs or are in a hurry to produce your program, this is the place to get your template!

We have just been awarded the 2008-2014 Best Customer Service Award for our superior customer support. Thank you to all who have voted for us!

Best Regards,

The Funeral Program Site Team