Adding Photos Into A Funeral Template Using Publisher

Jun 28th 2018

Microsoft Publisher® is a good program to use for creating funeral programs by way of a template. It not only cuts your design time by more than half, but it is quite user friendly. The main advantage to using Publisher over Microsoft Word is its ability to add pages easily. Inserting a photo into one of our templates is quite simple if you follow our instructions. Failure to do so could result in layout problems so we highly recommend that you insert your photo in this fool-proof manner.

Publisher is only available for Windows and is not generally offered within the Microsoft Office Suite. It is worth the investment if you plan on creating and designing alot of printed materials. Below our our visual instruction from our video library on how to properly insert a photo into your funeral program template using Publisher:

Here are the written instructions in case you would rather follow them than watching a video:

1. Ensure your photo has been scanned and placed on your computer. Crop it if necessary by using a photo editing software such as Photoshop®.

2. Remove the "Place your photo here" text box by highlighting it and hitting delete on your keyboard.

3. Select the photo box we've provided for you by clicking on the perimeter of the shape.

4. Go to the FORMAT tab and choose Shape Fill.

5. Choose Fill Effects, and select the picture tab in the next popup.

6. Find your picture on your computer and Select Insert.

7. Click OK out of the popup menus and you photo should now be inserted into your shape box.

That's it! We discourage you from doing the Insert > Picture as most people do because it does not enable you to move your photo around. With this fool-proof method, you are able to move your photo around as well as manipulate it so it is in its proper proportions.

As with all our template download guarantees, you can always contact us at 1-800-773-9026 if you need further assistance.