All Text Changes Automatic Update in Microsoft Word Template

Mar 20th 2018

Here's our great video to demonstrate how to stop this madness in your Microsoft Word template document.

Putting together a funeral program can get tedious and stressful, the last thing one wants to deal with is errors and complications with the template while you're preparing your memorial for your loved one. One of the most common errors our customers run into is Microsoft Word's Automatically Update feature in it's Style's tool.

If you've ever bolded, italicized, or changed a part of your program and it resulted in your entire program being changed you may have run into the Automatically Update feature. Microsoft may have meant well by including this feature into all versions of Word, but in general all users who encounter this issue have had very negative reactions to it. The best course of action is to disable this ability.

We've put together a very short video tutorial on how to disable this well-intentioned, yet annoying feature. Feel free to check it out, or follow these simple steps:

1. Select the text box that is giving you issues.

2. Under the Styles toolbox right click on the highlighted Style.

3. Select "Modify" from the drop down list.

4. Uncheck "Automatically Update" and hit OKAY.

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