Any Occasion Prayer Card Templates

Jun 28th 2018

Hello! The Funeral Program Site now offers any occasion prayer card templates that you can use for any event. Our large prayer card template designs come in the same designs we offer in all our other template layouts. They come in an 8-up layout so there are eight cards to one sheet of letter paper. You can print them on your own or we can print it for you with our professional printing services.

Prayer cards are great to hand out at a funeral wake or visitation service, typically held a few days or the night before the funeral service itself. You can also distribute them at the funeral service in place of programs. There is no hard rules on when, where and what you distribute, it is up to you and how you want to handle things. This makes it flexible to the needs of each family. The prayer card template has a photo box on the front cover for your loved one's photo along with text boxes for the name and date of birth through date of death. You can also place a title above the photo and type words like "A Celebration of Life" or "In Loving Memory". You can also choose to not have one at all too. The choice is yours!

The back of the prayer card template is a text box which provides ample room for a poem or prayer. There is no background on the back for the prayer card and is set on a white background. If your prayer is short, you can add a graphic accent such as a flourish, if desired. Check out the largest selection of funeral related templates and over 300 designs at our online superstore!