Apple iWork Pages 09 Free Download Trial

Jun 28th 2018

Apple has discontinued the free trial version of their popular iWork software suite. So for the MAC users who purchase our PAGES templates, if you do not have PAGES 08 or up running on your computer, you will need to purchase this software or request a WORD version of the template you ordered. See the largest selection of funeral program at our online SUPERSTORE.

One advantage to purchasing our templates at The Funeral Program Site is that if you purchase a certain format and need it in another type of format, we are able to send it to you at no extra charge! You can use Word for the MAC or use OpenOffice for the MAC. OpenOffice is a free software that is similar to Word, but in our opinion, much easier and user friendly. We provide support for OpenOffice, so if your not already familiar or have never used it, no worries– We can assist you with it!

If you decide to you would like to purchase iWork Pages 09 (which is the current version for PAGES), it is very reasonably priced on the Apple store. It is $20 for a full working version and you are able to do so much more with this application than Microsoft Word. It is truly worth the investment and once you master the software (which really doesn't take any time at all), you won't go back to any of Microsoft's office suite.

Trust us, we are mainly a MAC shop, although we do have a few Windows based computers for running Publisher and Word on Windows. Our team are experts in the software we support and are here to help with any questions you may have. Our goal is always to help you complete your program as soon as you need it by coming along side of you and assisting any way you need us.

Don't despair if you attempt to go to Apple's download page and see that they are not offering the free trial version of Pages any longer. There are alternatives and because you have us on your side, it won't cost you more money or time.