Apple Pages Templates

Jul 3rd 2018

The Funeral Program Site offers a great selection of Apple Pages templates for funeral or memorial services. Our Apple Pages Templates provide ease of preparation and creation of funeral memorial programs for a loved one. These templates are predesigned on the front, back, and inside page. You don't just get a cover design with our templates, you receive 3 complete designs throughout the whole program.

Don't be fooled, a program deserves to have a complete presentation. Other sources on the web only offer a cover design for the same amount of money you would pay for one of our complete design templates. The Apple iWork Templates in our collection includes a front cover with a photo box either in a rectangular or oval framing, a back design with two text box fields for versatility and two inside page panels created in a coordinating design.

Whether your funeral memorial program contains two letter size pages or an eight page booklet, you will find that our Apple iWork Templates work well with any number or size program you desire. Apple iWork Pages is the best application to create brochures, flyers, or programs because of its ease of use and user friendliness. Many people enjoy it because you can have a design project complete within minutes when utilizing Apple iWork templates.

If you own a MAC and have Apple Pages installed on the computer, purchase one of our Pages template programs for Pages. Although Pages can read Microsoft Word templates, its always advisable to work from its native application whenever possible to avoid errors or graphic incompatibilities. Our Apple templates are created for Pages specifically and is a Pages document, not in a Word document to ensure the highest possible compatibilities on your operating system.

Also, when you purchase Apple templates from The Funeral Program Site, you are ensured quality customer and technical support. So if you need help with the Pages application in any way, we can show you how or help you with your question. We help you every step of the way to ensure your funeral memorial program is the best it can be!

View our catalog for our current funeral memorial program templates compatible with Apple Pages.