Bible Scriptures for Funerals

Jul 7th 2018

Bible scriptures or verses can give encouragement to the broken hearted, especially during a time of loss. There are specific verses in the Bible that pertain to death and the life after for the believer in Christ. Often Christians call their memorial service a "Home Going Celebration" that is uplifting and celebratory with the focus of their loved one being in a heavenly place. For the Christian, scripture is God's word speaking to the heart and in some supernatural way, lifts the soul's countenance like no other.  I only use the term supernatural because I really do not know how it happens but it does. I am personally experienced feeling sad and reading the Bible and feeling encouraged. I can't say it happens all the time but I believe it is being in the right frame of mind to accept and surrender to God's plan.

The Bible verses or scriptures are especially helpful and provide hope to a grieving family during a time of loss. You can find bible scriptures appropriate for funerals throughout the Bible in the Old and New Testament. They are thematic in nature and have an appropriate scripture for every emotion known to man. People who read the Bible usually have favorite verses which have sustained them through many events in their life. Perhaps your loved one has a favorite scripture or the bereaving family members may choose some that are encouraging to them.

We have compiled a list of favorite bible scriptures for funerals that you can select from and include within the funeral service or programs for the funeral. These can be read aloud or written in the program, the choice is up to you. Some families opt to do both and have another family member read it aloud with the same verses sprinkled throughout the program as well.

Themes of Hope in Bible Verses

The themes of hope found within the verses are inspiring and can strike our emotion at the deepest level. It can be a source of strength for the weary and a shining light of hope for the lost. Feel free to read through our list and select the ones that speak to your heart specifically and are comforting for your family.