Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Posted by The Funeral Program Site on Jan 20th 2020

The Funeral Program Site is the prime resource for imprinted cancer awareness ribbons! We offer every cancer ribbon color imaginable to raise awareness for every cause. These ribbons are increasingly becoming popular at wearing during the funeral or memorial ceremony especially if the deceased lost the battle with a specific disease. The immediate family members can choose to wear the ribbons or they may even choose to hand them out to all attendees.

Check out our video on the ribbons we offer here at our online superstore. We include actual samples of our finished ribbons so you know exactly what to expect. They measure a good size so its not too small where you can't read the writing but not too big that it looks awkward when worn. We believe we have mastered the signature criss cross ribbons and they are beautiful!

Our cancer ribbons are personalized with your 3 lines of text with quality imprinting. Each letter is legible. Unlike foil printed ribbons which may not always appear clear, our imprinting is crisp and clean in presentation so that you will see each detail and read each letter of the text. We have tested many methods and machines and believe our current way we prepare and create these ribbons are the best! We've also created each ribbon and adorned it with a related icon for that specific cause! The Funeral Program Site will continue to add to this line of memorial ribbons as we believe it is an important way to get your message across without actually having to stand on a pulpit and preach it!

You can wear the ribbons at the service, wake and any time of the year you want to make people aware of the cause. They come fully ready-to-wear with a safety pin on the back for pinning onto your apparel. We also have a mini style ribbon that is much smaller in size that can be worn on a cap, like some of the pro golfers wear!

We also have a wide array of other ribbons such as:

Thyroid Cancer Ribbon, Liver Cancer Ribbon, Orange Cancer Ribbon, Green Cancer Ribbon, Cervical Cancer Ribbon, Lung Cancer Ribbon, Brain Cancer Ribbon, Black Cancer Ribbon, Blue Cancer Ribbon, Prostate Cancer Ribbon, Purple Cancer Ribbon, Ovarian Cancer Ribbon, Colon Cancer Ribbon, Yellow Cancer Ribbon, Pancreatic Cancer Ribbon and more!

Our quality ribbons are made of double faced satin and come in single, dual or triple colored! It can make a great sympathy gift of love for a grieving family. The personalization on the ribbons make it extra special. Get yours today! We ship fast and can ship the same day if ordered before 12noon CST. We're standing by to take your order!

Also check out our other  custom funeral programs available on our website if you are looking for printed memorials such as funeral pamphlets or brochures. We offer the largest selection of personalized memorial keepsake products as well as everything you need in a printed program, card, bookmark or announcement.

Check out our Breast Cancer Ribbon flyer ad below to get an idea of this worthy cause for the month of October, if your loved one lost the battle with breast cancer or even if you just want to wear it in support of a cure!