Celebration of Life Program Templates

Mar 20th 2018

Losing a loved one is difficult and something I have personally experienced having lost my mother a little over a year ago. Planning a celebration of life service is particularly meaningful when the focus is on the major milestones and accomplishments in their life.

When my mother passed, we had planned a celebration of life service for her at the funeral home who we had entrusted the services to. Although her body was present, we were able to tailor the small ceremony to our liking even though she was a Catholic.

We had a priest present who officiated the ceremony and allowed us much flexibility in how we wanted the order of the service to go. This is an advantage when you hold the service outside of the church, especially a church that is known for much structure in its last rites.

We included a time of sharing where some close family and my sisters and I had a chance to speak a little tribute. We also had a slideshow present which included photos my sister gathered from certain highlights of her life. The program I create for her included photos of her life and the special people she held so dear to her heart while she was alive. It did not include an order of service since we were really not sure what the flow would be and had to pretty much do it very spontaneously.

You can plan a service as simple as the one we did for our mother which was a rather small gathering. You can also have many more in attendance and still have a very nice celebration of your loved one's life. The main goal is the focus of the service. If you keep their accomplishments and achievements in life utmost, then everything else will fall into place. It's easy to get caught up in naming all the family members, but remember who's life your celebrating! Keep that in the forefront and you will have a wonderful memorial tribute that all in attendance will cherish for many years to come.

The program will help provide a lasting memory even long after the service has ended. That is why this is a very important keepsake since it is the final tangible item from the ceremony that all will take home. Take a visit to our online store to see our large selection of categories of programs appropriate for any celebration of life service.