Celebration of Life Programs

Mar 20th 2018

What is a Celebration of Life?

It is a memorial service in which you celebrate a loved one's life and that is the main focus. A celebration of one's live might include highlights of the years in their live which includes their accomplishments such as marriage, a new job, military service or retirement. All these milestones are important and serve as a great highlight of a life well lived.

When you create the programs for distribution, its a good idea to insert photos of these highlighted moments in your loved one's life. You can either use a template which you download or create the program in a preprinted paper like the one shown here in the image above.

Including an obituary and then inserting photos pertaining to highlights of their life is a great way to display a celebration of one's life. The obituary will provide meaningful memories and photos bring it visually. A time of sharing from family and friends may be included into the order of service presentation to convey great memories of the deceased and how they impacted each life. These are all the parts of celebrating the life of any loved one because it shares memories and special times with everyone present.

Often the funeral service will be called a celebration of life service service because of its focus. Many families can call it this or use verbage such as a memorial service, order of service celebration, obituary service or even funeral ceremony. It doesn't matter what's it's called as long as the content focuses on the deceased and all that is important.

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