Christian Funeral Program Template Design - Splendor

Christian Funeral Program Template Design - Splendor

Posted by Admin on Jul 7th 2018

Faith based Christian funeral program template designs are a popular choice when it comes to families creating a loved one's bulletin. There are many types of spiritual or religious funeral program backgrounds you can choose from such as a cross, white dove of peace, rosary, or bible. The type of religious sect may dictate the type of design chosen. Many find it reassuring or comforting to have a design that expresses the spirituality of the deceased. It can often be an encouragement to the grieving family members that their loved one is in a better place where there is no more suffering or a place that offers eternal joy.

Designs can be as elaborate as depicting an illustration of the golden heavenly gates or as simple as a cross in one corner. It is up to the family to express their spirituality as they like within the final celebration of life program. There are some religions such as Jehovah's Witness that keep the background more neutral and do not display any kind of religious theme. For the most part, religions play a big part of the program background especially if the loved one was active in their faith.

This beautiful memorial template design displays a more colorful and full background design of the splendor of the Christian believer with a bright starlit cross in front of a sunset background.  The black cross is the focal point with tiny sparkles of stars projecting forth as if coming right out from within the cross symbol. The backdrop is an illustration of sunset and can be symbolic for the day of passing. This is a good choice for a Christian, Protestant or Catholic service. Your loved one’s photo is set in any type of frame shape you like. The back displays the continuing sunset colored background with a white transparent overlay perfect for a poem or short obituary/biography. The transparent overlay can be adjusted to more opaque or transparent. We have pre-adjusted it to the setting that we feel best lets your text shine through so it is not hard to read up against the sunset. The main colors for this memorial template are red, yellow, and orange hues. The inside displays a similar sunset splendor background to display your memorial template design. The gold and orange combination coloring in the sunset is very appealing to many families as it brings a sense of encouragement to the heart.

You are able to edit all of the text within our template files. Elements or parts of this background design is not removable but you are able to remove the entire background if desired.  If you love this design but want to edit it to another color, let us know! Sometimes depending on the request, we might be able to accommodate you so please call our support line and make your request known. Our friendly team will let you know if it is possible or what other options you may have as an alternative.

You can edit all the text fields as you want and even add more photo boxes if you'd like to create a collage of some sort. We do highly recommend the photos are inserted into the preset boxes as we recommend in our video tutorial so that you are able to size and move the photo. Any other way, could mess up your layout and encounter printing problems. The procedure is not difficult but its just a way that is fool-proof so you don't run into any unnecessary issues.

Our Splendor design is a good choice for either a man or woman as the background is more neutral and does not express either feminine or masculine properties. You are also able to use the template more than once. So just save it on your computer and as long as you have the file can use it over and over again with just one download price.

We are proud to be the original funeral program template site online. We've been servicing the death care industry for many years and we take great care in producing and designing lovely template designs that you can either do yourself or enlist the help of our graphic design team. We love creating things because we are skilled designers as well as sympathetic customer care professionals. We add to our collection of designs weekly but if for some reason you do not see something you like, let us know! We have created special requests from the most simple to the most elaborate. It's what we do. It's what we love to do for the families that are in need. Most design requests are not charged extra but its best to speak to our representatives about your design needs and we can provide you a quote on the spot.