Church Fans For Any Occasion

Mar 20th 2018

I know we're in the middle of winter and a fan is probably the last thing your thinking about using but for some who live in warmer areas, this can be a welcome addition to a memorial service!

We just shipped these lovely fans to the Turks & Caicos Islands and ship all over the world. Fans can be ordered assembled or unassembled so you can save money and put it together yourself. We provide all the materials for you. It's just a super lovely way to provide a great keepsake to all your attendees with something very practical.

Our church fans come in any background design we offer (and there are hundreds of them), then we remove your selected photo's background and embed it into our background of your choice. You then get up to 3 lines of personalized printing. If you are a business, we will provide your logo and special wording on the back to help advertise your business to your families.

But wait....these fans are not just for memorial services! You can order them for any occasion you'd like! Since you are able to imprint 3 lines of print, you can choose to use them for business advertisement, church functions, anniversaries, birthdays, or weddings! They are versatile and our background designs are appropriate for any event venue. Even if you do live in a colder region, fans can still be a unique way to provide a "give-a-way". Your attendees will save it and when summer rolls around, you will have something beautiful to remember a loved one.

We don't have a minimum order so you can order as little or as much as you'd like. Remember, you needn't have to wait for warm, hot weather to distribute keepsakes such as these. Check them out now, only at our online superstore.