Cost of Funeral Programs and Pricing

Cost of Funeral Programs and Pricing

Posted by Admin on Nov 2nd 2018

How Much Are Funeral Programs?

The Funeral Program Site offers a variety of options when it comes to producing your funeral programs. Being the leader in the industry, we make it a priority to price the production of funeral programs depending on various needs and assistance. Here is the breakdown on the cost and associated pricing for our quality made programs. We are here to help as much or as little as each family needs us so pricing will vary as outlined below.

The DIY Funeral Program Template

This option is our most cost effective option and enables you to do-it-yourself and print it on your own home printer. Downloading and editing any of our ready-made template files is quite easy and of course, our customer support is ready and waiting to assist you should you run into any questions or issues. The cost of the one time download starts at $39.95 and this includes the ready-made program file with filler text and photo boxes set on top of the background of your choice. If you are printing this at home, it will cost you the paper and the ink (if you don't already have it). The paper which is usually a 32 lb. weight can be purchased at any local office supply store and a ream or 500 sheets, usually runs about $12, depending on your geographic location. Ink costs will depend on your printer and how many toner cartridges are needed. If your stocked in ink then you should be able to get by without having to purchase any. The quantity you print will dictate your ink consumption. Ink cartridges typically cost between $6.99-$14.95 for an ink jet printer which is what most people have at home.

The alternative to printing the programs at home is taking it to a local FedEx Kinkos or office supply store. Walmart also provide printing services so be sure to check that out if you have one near you. These places will charge you cost per copy for full color ranges between $0.69-0.79 per copy or side. Your funeral programs are usually 4 sided or printed on one sheet of paper, front and back. That means 4 times the cost per copy. At .69 per copy equals to $2.76 each program. Some places may or may not include a folding fee. If you have help, you can save some money by folding it yourself. Folding fees can add additional $0.10-0.30 more per program. The majority of express printers do not include folding in the cost per copy so be sure to ask about this and whether it is included in the pricing. 

You may also opt to submit your completed template file to us and we'll print it for you! We know our templates like the back of our hand so you can rest assured that every text and photo will be in alignment. We provide the extra above and beyond approach by double checking your file to ensure all is properly lined up and photos are never cut off the page. Our printing prices are competitive with those of your local printers and all you need to do is email us your file. No need to drive to the print shop and then drive back there to proof a hardcopy. Our expertise is printing memorial and funeral programs so you know you will be in good hands.

Funeral Program Site Complete Design and Printing Service

We also offer an option of printing the programs for you. Our service is unique in the sense where we incorporate the design into our cost pricing. That means, a professional layout and custom design tailored just for your loved one's final celebration of life. We offer the traditional matte finish and our spectacular high gloss UV finish. Our cost pricing for a bifold 4-sided program starts at $2.50 each program. We have over a dozen different layouts and formats of funeral programs and the pricing associated with be determined on the size paper and complexity of the layout. For example, our simplest program is the bifold. That includes the design, printing, and free 2 day FedEx shipping if your order is over $200. If you need it before then, you will have to upgrade to overnight delivery at our discounted rate. You might pay close to that pricing at your local print shop, minus the design. When we say, "we do it all", we mean it. You will always receive a PDF file proof included in the price before we begin production printing. This enables you to take care of other items on your funeral planning list and let our experts, who handle hundreds of these a day, put together your program just like you envisioned. You will be assigned a skilled graphic designer to work and walk you through every step of the way.