Create A Funeral Program in Microsoft Word 2010

Create A Funeral Program in Microsoft Word 2010

Posted by Admin on Feb 22nd 2019

Hello! Microsoft Word is an ever popular computer software that is installed on almost every computer so its no wonder people want to use the tools they have to create a beautiful funeral program for a loved one. This is not a step-by-step or how-to instruction on Microsoft Word 2010, it is our recommendation on the best way to get your program done so that it looks polished, beautiful and a fitting tribute to your loved one!

Let's discuss the best way to accomplish this with version 2010 of Word which is not the current version but one most people have. In every version of Microsoft Word, there seems to always be slight changes in how to do things or where the buttons are. Word can get tricky and complicated if you are creating a booklet style program and we all know that funeral planning isn't one of those quick things you do. It takes thought, careful preparation and gathering.

The best way to create a funeral program using Microsoft Word 2010 is really to utilize a  funeral program template. A template is a ready made file and in this case, a WORD document, that already contains the background, the layout, the predesigned text and the formatting. So why recreate the wheel when you don't have to? 

Using a ready-made template saves time and enable you to create a funeral program quickly and easily! You won't have to worry about the technicalities of Word so you can focus in on the actual content and photos you will be adding to create this memorable printed memorial.

This is the ultimate way to take a short cut since there are so many other details to tend to for the funeral service. We understand that here at The Funeral Program Site and that is why we offer do-it-yourself templates that you can purchase and download so you can begin your program immediately. As with all our products, everything is backed with our full customer support should you have any issues during editing. We are here to support you so don't hesitate to call if you come across anything that seems crazy or unusual (you shouldn't, but just in case :-) Your download link will be provided immediately after purchase so you can get started right away.

The Funeral Program Site is the largest manufacturer of DIY templates as well as matching memorials so you can pick a background design for virtually any career, hobby or theme that you would like to use for your program. Using Microsoft Word can often be a challenge and we know that you don't have a lot of time right now to waste, especially with all the other things you have going on.

Our easy to use templates are created with this in mind. We've created them so you can open them up and start editing it by replacing our filler text with your own information and inserting your photos. If you ever find that you need additional help and you start out creating your program and then you decide that you need some extra help, you can always purchase our add-on customization service.

This service provides you with our own graphic designer (the same ones that create all our beautiful backgrounds and templates) to work along side of you and take over your project to ensure you get a professional looking program for your loved one.

You will be sent a print ready program file that you can take locally to get printed or use our professional printing services. Choices, are always available to you here at our site! 

If using a template or the DIY method is just too much for you due to lack of time, that's okay because we also offer a full service design and print in which you just provide us the information and we'll put it together very quickly, send you a proof within a few short hours for review and once we receive your final approval, we will go into production to print and assemble your programs. You will receive them shrink-wrapped and distribution ready just in time for your service!

Remember, we are here to assist you as much or as little as you need us! We care about our customers and we know you will see that when you work with our designer. Not only do we offer the largest collection and selection of printed memorials, we also manufacture them onsite so you get the best pricing and turnaround time!

You can choose from various different funeral program backgrounds that we offer, we have them categorized on our website via themes and colors. So if there is a particular theme that you want to keep in line with the program that you're creating, you can certainly check our website here and find it very easily.

Don't like reading? Sometimes, it helps just watching a video to hear what is covered in this post. Meet our friendly and compassionate Creative Director below and she'll walk you through the steps outlined in this article.