Create a Pet Memorial

Jun 29th 2018

We are now offering Pet Memorial cards in two varieties of styles, one flat pet funeral card and the other in a pet funerals folding card layout. The flat cards layout is done 8 cards to one sheet of letter size paper and are very similar in size of our large prayer cards. The folding cards are placed with 4 cards per sheet on letter size. You can print them on cardstock paper or you can even laminate the flat cards for a finishing look!

Pets are special in the lives of many and when a pet passes on, we can be left mourning as we do with a human loved one. So why not create a pet memorial card to remember your special companion. Using our pet memorial card templates is the easiest and fastest way to do so. Not only are they easy but they are incredibly adornable and cute!

As usual we offer the templates in a variety of software applications such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages. Check out all our designs at our online funeral programs superstore.