Creating a Funeral Service Memory Table

Jun 28th 2018

The memory table is something the immediately family puts together and consists of picture, mementos, and other things that expressed interest and personality of the deceased. They are displayed at the funeral ceremony but can also be used at a visitation.

An example of the type of things one would see if the deceased was an ardent gardener might be photos from her favorite part of the garden, old pair of rubber boots that was always worn in the garden, or it can even include a plant they nurtured from seedling!

Yet another example would be if the deceased took up painting when they retired. You could bring in some finished and unfinished paintings of his work. His painter's pallet and brushes also might be included along with any photos.

A memory table is easy to create and will contain everything about the deceased in visual form. You should start by gathering items that you want included on the table. Depending on how many items you have, will dictate the length of your table. You can use a 4" or 6" foldable table that is easily setup and place photographs and other mementos on it.

It can also be a round or rectangular in shape. Perhaps the location of the ceremony will already have one available for the family so you do not have to bring one in. It's a good idea to inquire about this to save you one less thing to do at the ceremony.

You can arrange them in a chronological way or by way of grouping the items together. There really is no wrong way of doing it, but you do want to set the items in a way that they are displayed and not just thrown or placed on the table. These are special memorials that was cherished by the deceased in some form or fashion, care for them in that way by how they are shared with others.

Adding a nice floral arrangement or evening a lit candle would be a special touch to dress up and highlight the display even further. You can purchase a memorial candle with your loved one's photo on it which is a perfect addition to any memory table.

The idea is to think of things that represent what was important to the person and what they'd like to be remembered for. Photos, hobby items, awards, mementos, souvenirs are only some of the things that could be used. The reflections and memories triggered by these things that are just "objects" are a great way to bring family and friends together.

It will help stimulate the sharing of their own memories and stories about the person they loved.