Creating Beautiful Funeral Booklets

Jun 28th 2018

Creating a funeral booklet is not very difficult if you choose to use a ready-made template. The legal size funeral booklet is often a popular choice for families who want more room than the traditional letter single fold program but do not care to have a large tabloid size layout. This format is a good compromise in between the small and large booklets.

The funeral booklet templates you will find at The Funeral Program Site Superstore provide an 8-page layout for legal booklets (or 2 sheets of legal size paper, printed front and back). You are able to remove any of the background images, should you desire to do so. Some families like to converse ink when printing the programs on their own home printer and removing some of the background images help to do so.

Our templates do come fully loaded, meaning we provide you with all the full color backgrounds so you are free to take away, if you need to. This video will provide some helpful information on our legal single fold programs. It will take you into the template itself to show you what you will see when purchasing on of our premium templates.

You are able to add much content using this template layout as well as add a nice number of photos to create a page for a collage. Best of all, we've done all the hard work for you! Just replace our filler text within the program with your own personalized service details then insert your photo(s) as desired.