Creating Memorial Keepsakes that Last

Mar 23rd 2018

Whenever you think of your grandmother what comes to mind at the first instance? What things do you go back to when you want to recall an old friend who died? Wouldn’t you want to have something you can readily pull off your closet when nostalgia hits? Nowadays, you’ll find a lot of product and service providers for keepsake ideas.

But if you take an inventory of all those keepsakes out in the market, you’ll notice that it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to know the basics. Go back to the question of what comes to mind when you think of your beloved departed. Start from there and personalize thereafter. Let’s say for example your mother loved any forms of jewelry –ring, necklace, earrings, etc. If your family opted for cremation, a cremation pendant for a necklace would be the best keepsake for her.

For a father, brother, uncle or anyone who loves cars, bikes and the like, a cremation keychain is a sound idea as well. No need to hire anyone to do everything for you. Rummage from your own jewelry box; see if there’s a pendant of medium size you can make use of. Buy if there’s none, or nothing suits your taste for the purpose. After the process (of cremation), when the ashes are given to you, bring them –the ashes and the pendant, to an expert.

If the beloved is buried, plantable memorials are a good option. You don’t only have the messages written on papers but you can also have seeds planted with them. Plenty of memories will surely come rushing whenever you see the tree which has literally grown from the bedside of your departed. The good thing with plantable memorial seeds is that you get to choose which plant, either tree or flower, you want your beloved to be remembered by. This remembrance goes far beyond just a memory as you have a tangible thing to show for it.

In Funeral Program Site, you can choose from among the many options and even get to personalize your own seed packets. If seeds are not your way of remembering, try other keepsakes. A memorial photo candle is a nice option if you have the time as well as the budget for it. Other keepsakes like a bookmark, calendar, and frame are also worth checking out. Whichever keepsake you choose, for how long the memory of the departed lasts is dependent on how deep his life has touched the lives of the many.