Custom Laminated Bookmarks For Memorials

Custom Laminated Bookmarks For Memorials

Posted by Admin on Mar 21st 2019

Some families choose to laminate a printed memorial such as a bookmark for a few reasons. The lamination enables the memorial bookmark to be encapsulated within a heavy plastic sealing the air out, therefore keeping the paper within in tact, wrinkle proof and often from yellowing. Over time the paper can age without lamination so this additional process takes an extra step to promote a much slower aging or eliminates it completely.

Create a laminated memorial bookmark very easily by using any of The Funeral Program Site’s professionally designed memorial bookmark templates. We have the largest selection on the web! They match our beautiful funeral programs designs, if you care to keep the theme going through the other printed memorials you may want to produce.

You may choose to laminate the bookmarks to preserve them longer over time. Laminating a bookmark is easy. After printing, simply laminate the entire sheet and then cut them individually as needed. You will need a paper cutter if you are going to do this on your own.

You can do the lamination yourself, or take have the office supply store laminate them after printing. The copy shop will charge you an additional fee for this on top of the printing cost, so you may want to find out what they charge before deciding to laminate.

Memorial bookmarks are a wonderful way to preserve the memory of your loved one. They are often placed inside the Bible or other books. A photo of your loved one can be easily inserted inside the front or back of templates. We are the largest template site out on the web and also offer templates for other printed memorials such as prayer cards, thank you cards, and booklets.

Take a moment to watch our short video on our memorial bookmark templates which is one option you have in creating a laminated printed memorial.

Although we are in an age of the digital books, there are still many people who like the old fashioned hardcover books. Even if one does not read too many books, it will be hard to resist this memorial. The photo is typically placed on the front with a special poem or verse on the back side. It is a memento that is held dear regardless of whether or not you actually use it as a “bookmark”.

The Funeral Program Site is more than a “template” site as in most websites online. We offer a full range of products that you can mix and match with your funeral program and  personalized in loving memory keepsakes.

Our templates are professional grade and are backed with our 100% customer support.  Because we are a retail store located in North Dallas, Texas we are a legitimate business, not just an online store like template sites online. 

You never know how trustworthy those sites are since there is no accountability for the template sites working from home. You can drop in for a visit at our store if your in the area or are local. We can assist you in person and show you the various options you have when creating a printed memorial such as a bookmark.

If desired, you can embellish your printed bookmark with a tassel or ribbon even after you have laminated them. We sell tassels on our site in a variety of colors as well as perforated bookmark paper that you can use so you don’t have to cut it. Perforated paper allows you to be able to tear each bookmark off the sheet easily without the use of a paper cutter or service.

Bookmarks do come in a few different sizes. The most traditional sizing measures 2.75” wide x 7” in height. If you prefer a smaller size, let us know! The Funeral Program Site is always happy to accommodate our families as much as we are able. If you need resources or ideas on what to put on the back, see our resources, we have a plethora of prayerspoems and readings.

You do not need to print on the back of the memorial bookmark is you do not want to. Some families just want to do a photo on the front along with our artwork and then have a few lines of text with it. The back is typically left the white color of the paper which looks perfectly acceptable. The reason for this is saving costs on printing, keeping it simple, or just do not have anything they want to include on the back side.

Our bookmark templates are versatile so that means you can edit them as you like and also add embellishment accents to the template file if desired. Most families just leave it as is since all our bookmark templates are designed with the added embellishments already.

If you do not want to do the DIY method, we have a full service where we can design and print it for you. This is a great option for families who need more time to tend to their planning. This is what we specialize in and families trust us to leave the creation and printing of this valuable keepsake.

There are many options you have when creating a memorial bookmark. We strive to be able to present options for families because everyone has different needs, budgets and timeframes. You will be well taken care of with our company and your bookmarks will be a professional presentation befitting and honoring your loved one’s memory.