Custom Printed Seed Packets

Jun 28th 2018

Did you know The Funeral Program Site offers custom printed seed packets not just for funeral memorial keepsake items but for any occasion! The seed packets are manufactured and put together by our company and we ship fast! Order M-F before 5pm and we ship the next day! A photo of your choice is embedded right on the front of each packet.

The background image of your photo is removed and placed on top of any of our geographical seed packet covers. It is a beautiful memorial for anyone or a great favor for any occasion. You are given up to 3 lines of free text to customize on the front. This is a green and eco-friendly way to distribute remembrance of a loved one or special event.

Packets contain various types of wildflower seeds. We have sectioned them by the United States geographical location and certain wildflowers. They are available for Black Eyes Susan, Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix, Cosmos Wildflowers, Dry Area Wildflowers, Midwest, Northeast, Pacific Northwest, Partial Shade, Red Poppies, and Baby Snapdragon Mix.

The choice is yours and will yield a beautiful array of annuals, perennials, and biennial wildflowers that are 100% pure mix. Our planting instruction suggest that you plant in the Spring or late Fall. Choose a sunny spot and remove existing growth. You want to choose a spot with at least 4 hours or more of sun. Moist soils are acceptable.

Scatter the seeds evenly and compress into the bare soil. Do not cover. After sprouting, keep seedlings moist until they are about 6-8" tall. After that, wildflowers prefer minimal care. You can plant the wildflowers outdoors in a small garden or within a small planting container pot. You can enjoy them all year around as long as it is kept in a warm, sunny, location.

Check out our unique and special collection of custom photo wildflower seed packets in our superstore. This is personally one of my favorite products that we carry because of the uniqueness, quality, and eco-friendly aspect of the packets. I know you will enjoy and cherish them as well. Happy planting!