Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Posted by Admin on Jul 10th 2018

How important are customer testimonials when shopping for a printed memorial product? In a word, very! Be it program or keepsake, customer reviews are an important factor when shopping from the plethora of websites online for this type of product. It boosts customer or buyer confidence in who you are buying from. All of us want to purchase from reputable companies because the last thing you want to do during a time of need is chase your money from a scam purchase. We understand and are right there with you. Nobody should have to undergo additional stress and grieve at the same time.

The staff at The Funeral Program Site continually strive to perfect our customer support. It's very important to us that you receive quality support during a time of grieving. Rest in knowing you will be in good hands. We've earned the 2008-2012 Best Customer Service award because of our quick response and assistance to our visitors and template purchasers. We're committed to provided you with excellent customer service and help during this time of need. Our goal is to help you create a special funeral program for your loved one using one of our beautiful funeral program templates within the time frame you need it.

We want you to get all your questions answers so there are no surprises after you make the purchase. Yes, honestly our templates are not perfect. They are not perfect because each computer configuration varies and depending on what version of software and operating system you are using on the computer you will use to edit our template, will depend on your experience. That is why we are here to help. That is why we place such a high priority of service to our customers. We never want to leave you in the dark. 99% of the time, you will download our templates without any issues at all. But there are the few who will need help. So we urge you to contact us before you get to the point of frustration so we can come along side of you and assist where needed.

We get so much positive feedback on our services and templates that we've are proud to share them with all our visitors. It is our intent that by reading these comments, you can feel confident about your purchase with us. Whether you shop with us online or come into our retail store located in McKinney, Texas, we promise your experience to be same. Consistent customer care is our focus.

Our professionals are not only experienced in software you will use to edit our templates but we are also trained individuals who service the death care industry. You see, the creativity part is just a small aspect of what we do. The caring is from within and it is something you can't manufacture. Each team member knows how to handle and service people who are grieving. Many emotions come with a loss and often our state of mind can get clouded or indecisive when making choices under these conditions. It helps to work with people who genuinely care about your circumstances and have a desire to help in whatever way possible.

It is our hope that your experience with us will be a favorable one. We have been in business a long time and that accounts to how we run our business and how we handle our customers. We also sell some of our products on Amazon and with that broad an audience, Amazon holds their sellers to high standards. They are very strict in their guidelines and response times and thats how they have such a great reputation with so many shoppers. We are proud to be able to be a part of the Amazon family.

We are by no means perfect. As humans, we make mistakes but we own up to them should that happen. Our customers appreciate that quality in our company and have rewarded us by many referrals and even gift cards we receive in the mail. We are so thankful for being able to serve in this area of ministry that sets us apart from our competition.  

We invite you to experience the difference.