Disco Legend Donna Summer Dies

Jun 28th 2018

Legendary Disco Diva, Donna Summer Dies

The Funeral Program Site is saddened by the loss of a legendary disco singer, Donna Summer who passed away today at the young age of 63 years old. Donna Summer was an icon in the 1980s with her contribution to the disco era. Her songs were wildly popular on the radio as well as the disco clubs frequented at that time. Her voice was beautiful as well as this woman herself. She was a true disco diva!

Having grown up myself in the 80s and with her music, it surely was a shock to hear of her illness and battle with cancer. Not many knew she had been ill since in her recent television performances, Donna looked nothing short of amazing! The two most popular songs she had during the disco era was "Bad Girls" and "Last Dance", both wonderful tunes that will get your feet dancing!

It is nice to hear of her family continuing to celebrate her life and legacy. Unlike many disco artists in the 1980s, who have since faded away, Ms. Summer continued on to become a pop/rock artist with top songs like one of my personal favorites, "She Works Hard For Her Money." She also had many other number 1 hits on the record charts in the recent years. Her music has also been incorporated into the clubs today remixed to contemporary dance hits.

Summer was a born-again Christian later in her life and also underwent some scrutiny with anti-gay issues. A talented woman of faith who is now singing with the best for an audience of one (God). Rest in peace, lovely Donna Summer and may your music live on throughout the generations to come. You are a true legend and we will miss your presence here with us! We hope that your final celebration of life memorial funeral program will reflect your style and grace.