DIY Faith Based Christian Funeral Programs

DIY Faith Based Christian Funeral Programs

Posted by The Funeral Program Site on Feb 12th 2020

The Funeral Program Site offers DIY funeral program template designs in every style imaginable! Christian or faith based funeral programs typically present a religious symbol on the front along with your personalized text and photo. The background can be a cross, dove or portraying an illustration of the heavens or golden gates. Many families choose this type of backdrop because to the believer, it brings comfort that their loved one is in a better place. Any denomination can have their own specific imagery, for example, Catholics may have illustrations of Saints, Mary, and Jesus on the Cross.

Below is our latest video especially created for our faith based or Christian designed funeral program templates. It's a short one so be sure to view, like and subscribe. We want all of our visitors to know exactly what they are getting prior to purchase so we do our best to create as many videos as possible. In fact, we are the only funeral related site that does this! We have a large library of videos that we work hard at producing.

The Funeral Program Site works hard at creating backdrops of different denominations so there is a variety to choose from no matter what religious affiliation your loved one had. By incorporating this type of background design, it gives the surviving family members hope and a good visual and reminder that it does not end in death. There is an after life for those who believe and one that the Bible says offers no more pain or sorrow. The faith based backgrounds can also have funeral program titles which include a death related bible verse such as "Absent from the body, present with the Lord."

You can also include the encouraging bible verses within the inside of the program at the bottom of the obituary or the top of the order of service information. This continues the faith based or Christian theme throughout and extends it into the whole program instead of just on the cover.

Our DIY funeral programs are easy to edit on Google docs! We are proud to be the only resource online that offers  google docs compatible templates! We've done extensive testing to finally to able to bring it to our families. We are sure you will find it easy to use and hassle free!

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