Eco-Friendly Green Funerals

Jun 28th 2018

Have you heard of green funerals? They’re still pretty much the same as other funerals – a memorial service is still given to the deceased and funeral prayers are still said during the course of the service. The only difference is that this type of funeral is applicable for known environmentalists or people who were staunch supporters of environmental causes when they were still alive.

Green burials are usually held in a nature setting like in the meadow, a field or even a park. Also, most of the resources used for the funeral are all made from recycled materials. They make use of materials that are able to degrade naturally. Non-toxic coffins or caskets which are manufactured using ecological materials are used instead of the normal coffins. Aside from that, recycled paper is used for materials like funeral programs, bookmarks and funeral cards.

Many people are opting for this kind of funeral because it is cost efficient and earth friendly, of course.

Arranging a funeral for a loved one involves a lot of things. The bereaved family is usually faced with a lot of decision making: which casket to choose, where to hold the memorial service and where to lay the body. Aside from that, the family also has to go over some funeral program samples so they can choose the best template or design for the funeral programs they would give away to the guests.

Oftentimes, they rely on a funeral resource business to help them with the funeral programs, prayer booklets, memorial bookmarks and other printed materials that they want to pass out to those who will attend the memorial service as appreciation tokens. These materials also serve as a testament to the memory of the deceased.

The funeral resource business’ job doesn’t end there because after the body has been laid to rest and the family is just about ready to go on with their lives, they help the family in preparing thank you cards to be sent out to friends, relatives and everyone else who comforted them in their time of mourning.