Faith Based Funeral Services

Jun 28th 2018

The way a funeral wake is held varies depending on the religion and sometimes even the race of the person who died. Oftentimes, there are customs and traditions that need to be observed during the course of the wake and on the memorial service itself.

A case in point are Jewish funeral services. The service normally lasts for only 20 minutes. Then, the bereaved family remains at home for a period of seven days after the memorial service at which time friends and relatives may visit them to comfort them in their time of mourning. There’s also a 30-day observance period wherein the family may get back to their normal routine but they have to say certain prayers and avoid going to places of entertainment.

For a person who was not practicing any religion at the time of his death, his family may opt to observe a humanist funeral service. This type of service doesn’t lean towards any religion; it is not a faith based service so it’s perfect for those who were not affiliated with any church or religion.