From Here to Eternity

Mar 23rd 2018

“For death is no more than turning of us over from time to eternity.” -William Penn.

No one is invincible as to evade death. Sooner or later, we all have to die either in style (accidents, sickness, while giving birth, etc.) or by natural means (old age). There is no use avoiding the topic. Plus, you’ll only burden yourself and your family when it suddenly strikes and you come unprepared.

So what preparations do you need to make now while you are able both physically and financially. First, focus on the things that are of great value. This may seem relative among different types of people but when you take a closer look at the list (of things which people value), they all boil down to happiness, peace of mind, and the like.

This will be the best time for taking inventory and counting all your blessings. Whether you’re on your deathbed or out partying, you may start short listing names of people you always forget to say I love you to; people you think you offended but haven’t asked for apology to; and just about anyone you think is worth a second of your precious time. You can make short letters addressed to a specific person or to a group you are affiliated with, or you can compose short poems. You can even put Bible verses about strengths, hope and love.

The cards you make may even be used by your family on your funeral (as memorial cards personally written by you). And while you’re at it, you can do some planning as well. Who said funeral program planning is only for the ones who know they are dying? Everyone can get the most benefit from this idea. There are a lot of funeral program templates on the net to choose from. But you can design your own to add a personal touch to the cards.

There are a lot of products and service providers available in the market these days. When you find that planning your own funeral program is too much for you, check out Celebrations of Life Store. You’ll be amazed of how wide your options are. The menial task of composing a prayer for your prayer card is best handled by the expert. Your family can very well focus on their grief and enjoy listening to your friends’ testimonials when you’ve prepared the program to the minute details. This will be the best and last gift you can give to your family (a farewell bonus).