Funeral Announcement On Video

Funeral Announcement On Video

Posted by Admin on Feb 26th 2019

A funeral announcement serves as a way of letting family, friends and acquaintances know of a recent death and upcoming funeral or memorial service. It can be difficult for the grieving family to alert everyone in their loved one’s sphere of influence. Calling or contacting each one can be a tedious and lengthy process. Even if you contact a few people and have them pass it on, it can be a long process with information that may not always be accurate in the end.

There needs to be a way for the family to let a large group of people know with minimal effort. The funeral announcement can be written in a newspaper but in today’s online technology, most people are getting their news online. Even if the announcement was written in the online version of the news, you can’t really be sure the people you want to let know, reads it.

You can create a printed funeral announcement but you must create, print, and mail it which can be time consuming. A faster method of alerting your circle of friends and family is by using social media. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are all examples of different social media platforms that are popular today.

The great thing about social media is that its like a virtual address book with your circle of friends and family already found in one place! Chances are, you are connected through one of those social media platforms and can easily post a message to inform everyone in one post! You gotta love being able to do less and affect much. This method also enables you to assign a person to do this for you, if you are not able due to emotional distress from the loss.

There is even a way to inform just your selected friends and family within these social media arenas. This makes it handy to send messages only to the people you want to notify and not everyone in your friends group. With social media you can post text, images and videos to share. You can easily use any one of them as a funeral announcement of a loved one.

In my experience, when my mother passed away 5 years ago, I used Facebook messaging as a means to inform people of my loss. I did not want to post it to everyone in my friends list so I selected only the ones that knew her or our family. We had a special messaging group that we were able to communicate her service information and prayer requests for her surviving family members. I also created a post to a specific group I created that included similar people.

Today, you can make the announcement as simple or fancy as you’d like.  The Funeral Program Site offers special funeral announcement videos in HD 1080p formatting that notify and inform in a beautiful way. The announcement includes text and photos in a video presentation that can be kept or incorporated with the main funeral video. It’s a great way to communicate your loved one’s service information and highlight a little of their life by sharing photos with it.

Because our videos are high quality, they can be transferred to a USB drive and plugged into a Smart TV for viewing! It can also be combined with other videos of your loved one.

Videos get attention and will not be missed in the social media feed because of its animation. Even the most simplest form of animation is taken notice because it moves us. Video announcements such as these, include soothing music that compliment the message your conveying.

It is a beautiful way to announce, honor and pay tribute to a loved one’s final celebration of life and memory. Our videos come with a variety of themes, just like our hardcopy funeral announcement templates! You can choose one in a special flower or faith based theme or favorite color, if you like.

It doesn’t end after you post the video on social media. You can upload it to YouTube for a forever memorial or save it on your DVD for future memories. There are many ways you can use it and it will be cherished through the years with future generations from his or her legacy.

Let’s take a look at an example of one of our funeral announcement videos we offer:

This first one is a faith based theme. It opens up with the silhouette of 3 crosses standing in front of a beautiful golden sunset. Sunset depicting the end of life. A few lines of text can be added to this scene such as the funeral home you’ve entrusted the final arrangements to or a special quote or loved one’s favorite bible scripture.

The next slide provides a side by side presentation of a photo of the deceased, which can be a head shot or full length photo. The right pane will be text relating to an In Loving Memory along with their full name and date of birth through date of death.

We then transition elegantly to a 3 photo collage that highlights her life from different stages. It displays photos of the deceased but can also include special close friends and family, if desired.

You can submit a photo to be placed in front of this beautiful sunset landscape for the service information section of the video. We will remove your photo’s background and superimpose it onto our lovely outdoor landscape. Adjacent to your photo is the funeral service location and time. This information will remain for approximately 10 seconds which is ample time for people to be able to read through the service location.

The video transitions and finishes from the location information to a video segment of a Holy Bible with lovely rays of light shining down upon it and then further embellished with your lines of personalized text. This carries the religious and faith based theme throughout. The lovely, soft and soothing music playing in the background creates a somber and beautiful arrangement.

We have a nice assortment of other funeral announcements on video under our DESIGN/PRINT main menu. Check them out to get ideas of what you can do or to place your order today!