Funeral Obituary Programs

Jul 3rd 2018

Remember and contemplate the life of a deceased loved one with a funeral obituary program. Because memory can eventually elude even the most astute individual, it is helpful to a have a tangible reminder, such as a funeral obituary program, to counter this time-induced amnesia.

A typical funeral obituary program is folded in half on a letter-size paper. The front of the program displays a picture of the deceased in a careful arrangement of visual elements designed to alleviate the despondency usually associated with loss of life. Among the photo and surrounding design are the name of the deceased and time frame of life. A photograph on the front of the program is optional; it is not necessary as the program is formulated to present a memorable memoir in the absence of photographs.

There are many contexts in which to print obituaries. Often, the newspaper will have a space limitation and the obituary cannot run in its entirety. Size and space are no impediments in a funeral obituary program, as the entire pamphlet provides ample space for articles and photographs.

As people enter the funeral service, this program can be handed out. Ushers may hand out the programs or alternatively, the programs can be placed on a stand so that as people walk in, they may pick one up.

A time-efficient solution for those with no time to create a program is a template program. Funeral obituary program templates save you time because all you need to do is enter your obituary text and any related photos.

Because creating an elegant and meaningful program is challenging, even for the accomplished artist, a program template provides much aid. Considering the time and effort that would be saved, a template design just under $20.00 is reasonable and beneficial.

The Funeral Program Site is a wonderful starting point in the organization of any funeral memorial service and program design. This versatile website contains not only beautiful funeral obituary programs, but also obituary tips, scripture verses, poems, and other various readings.

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