Funeral or Memorial Booklet Template

Funeral or Memorial Booklet Template

Posted by Admin on Mar 10th 2019

What is a Funeral or Memorial Booklet?

It is a center fold program layout that contains multiple pages and is typically stapled together in the middle of the fold to create a booklet style presentation. These are great layouts for those who want to have sufficient room for photos, texts, tributes, poems, or obituary.

Our funeral booklets gives ample room and you are able to keep adding on pages as you need to. There is no limit to how many pages you can create but in order to keep the assembly part easier than harder, it's best to keep it under 5 sheets of paper folded in half.

A funeral booklet is an expanded version of a funeral program which is distributed at a funeral or memorial service. Often the bereaved family members like to provide all attendees a memorial keepsake and a creative funeral booklet is a perfect way to highlight a loved one's life in greater detail.

Some ideas of what your booklet can contain is the funeral order of service, a eulogy of the deceased, funeral poems, bible scripture verses, song or hymn lyrics, collage photos of the deceased with family, and a special note from the bereaved family to all supporters and attendees.

Creating a funeral booklet is not difficult if you start with the right tools. Usually people who have recently lost a loved one are busy tending to all the preparations of the funeral service and may not always have the time or resources to create such an elaborate booklet. 

In that case you can enlist the help of a friend or family member and assign this task to them. You can also use our customization service in which we will do all of the layout for you, so no need to hassle with adding pages, we'll do that and format your text in a beautiful and professional layout.

The Best Way to Create a Funeral Booklet

The best way to produce a creative funeral booklet design is to purchase a pre-designed template. These templates will have the foundation of the design already created and all you will need to do is add in the text and photos. A real time saver for those who are short of time. It is also budget friendly because you can print it yourself on a home printer or take it to an economy printing store.

You will want to look for templates relating to funeral booklets that are bi-fold and come come in 3 sizes, letter, legal or tabloid. Select the size that best fits your needs and your choice may depend on how much text and photos you plan on including. Using the letter size format is easier to create booklets simply by folding them in half. 

It is also easy to get a heavier weight paper in this size. Keep in mind that the larger size papers (legal and tabloid) will also increase your printing costs. Our legal and tabloid size booklets are already formatted as an 8 sided program so if you only want 2 sheets printed front and back, this should be sufficient. Templates will come with a front, back cover design and one interior page. To make a booklet, just duplicate the interior page as many times as you need to.

Print each page front and back and when all the pages are printed, get the pages in order and fold them in half. You may want to consider placing two staples in the booklet to keep the pages together and provide a neater presentation. Your funeral booklet will be a keepsake that is kept for a long time. It is also a great way to highlight a loved one's life from beginning to end, if desired.

Our website can assist you in the details of the funeral or memorial service. We offer quality programs that highlight your loved one's life, obituary help, poems, readings, and scripture verses. The Funeral Program Site is the industry leader when it comes to designing templates compatible with Microsoft Word, Publisher or Apple Pages. The proof is in our work! 

Check out our samples library if you want to get ideas on what to include or how to format your text. Our flipping books are easy to navigate and you are able to visually see it as a booklet.

Below is a sample of the  funeral booklet designs you will find in our DIY templates category. We have the largest selection anywhere online!