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• What’s is a Funeral Program?

Let’s examine the purpose of the funeral program. The funeral program or sometimes referred to as the memorial service program or funeral order of service program is the most important item presented and distributed to attendees. It is the one keepsake that shares, and celebrates the life and accomplishes of the deceased.

Some people store this program and put it in a special place of treasured memories items. When found again, the program displays memories of the loved one’s llfe even if it has been months for years after the funeral service. It also can often be the item that symbolizes the closure of one’s life.

Often, the funeral program can play an important part in the healing process because it acts as a special tangible memory item that captures the summary of a life of a loved one.

• How do I order one of your templates?


  • Click on the TEMPLATES tab at the top of each page to view all available templates for purchase. Alternatively, you can click on the Funeral Program Categories on the right bar to view templates by category.
  • To order a template, click on the CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW under the template photo.
  • This will take you to the details page of the template where you can also purchase the template.
  • Click on the BUY NOW button on the details page and it will take you to the Paypal link where you can complete your purchase. If you do not have a paypal account, just click on the link that says you do not have a paypal account. Then enter your credit card information as prompted.
  • Once payment is complete, you will be redirected to a download page so you can download your template. If you do not receive this page, an email of the download link will also be sent to you.
  • All our templates are just $19.95 and available in Microsoft WORD.

Alternatively, you can phone our customer service number to place your orders at (510) 417-2406. We accept all major credit cards.

• What kind of help can I get after I purchase one of your funeral program templates?

Well, in a word…”plenty!” We provide you written documentation procedures in our exclusive Microsoft Help Guide on how to customize your template and size it to legal or tabloid, if desired. Although the templates require very little modification, with the exception of choosing your style font and placing your loved one’s photo, we offer video tutorials, our step-by-step procedures and email help directly from our Graphic Design Studio.

• Our funeral program will need more than 1 page, can your template accommodate this?

Although our templates are setup for 2 pages, the front and inside cover pages you can add more pages to them if you find you need additional space. To do this, simply copy the entire inside page as many times as you need to for your space allotment. We recommend keeping it an even number so you can have the front and back of the page printed on. Once your done creating your pages, you can use the extra inside pages and use your template as a booklet type. Just fold the extra pages inside the cover and you will achieve a booklet. You can even staple them in the center if you’d like or leave them lose.

We provide a step-by-step instruction for adding new pages in our Microsoft Help Guide available with all purchases. You can also contact our friendly customer support for assistance.

• I don’t have Microsoft Word 2003, is there anything I can do?

If you don’t have Microsoft Word 2003 or higher, you can download a FREE 60-day trial period for Microsoft Word 2007 from the Microsoft Website. After you install it on your computer, you will be able to open up any of our templates. If you don’t have time to do this, you can always try our customization services for a small fee and we put it all together for you. It saves you time and the headaches you might encounter from working on the computer.

• We are in the UK and we use A4 paper. Will the letter-size template you use be compatible with our printers here?

Yes, our templates are A4 compatible. We have many visitors from the UK, in fact it is our 2nd largest visitors behind the U.S. You can set your word document to A4 instead of letter size and your template will adjust accordingly. Also make sure that your FILE > PAGE SETUP > A4 BORDERLESS. If the A4 Borderless is not displayed in the page setup, then your printer does not have the borderless option.  For printers that do not have the borderless capabilitiy, we provide instructions in our Microsoft Help Guide on page setup. There will be a small white border around the perimeter of your template but the program will still look beautiful.

• I cannot read the template I downloaded, it is in read-only format.

All our templates are created in Microsoft 2003 and is able to be edited with any version of 2003 and up. They are also ready for editing. If you are not able to edit your template, please make sure you have the Microsoft Word application installed on your computer. Microsoft Viewer is not an application and therefore will only “view” any document in Microsoft Word.

• How many times can I use the same template?

Our terms and agreement for usage of our custom design templates allows you to use your template design for one funeral or memorial service. You will need to purchase another template if you choose to use it again for another service. But we make our templates competitive in pricing so with a minimal investment in both time and money, you can own several or all of our templates.

• How can you sell your custom templates for so little money?

First of all, you are purchasing them directly from our graphic design studio. We are the manufacturer so there is NO middleman to you. You can get them at our “wholesale” prices without having to have a wholesale license. Other templates on the web price at $29.95 & upwards to $49.95 and they are not nearly at the design quality we have. We also provide a complete design for the front, back and inside funeral program pages. Many others only provide the front cover design which we feel is not a complete presentation. We do not resell to retailers, just directly to the public. 😉

• What is the best way to produce the best looking funeral program template?

We’re glad you asked! We have a special page that specifically addresses the important printing tips on the best production of your funeral program template design. It’s important that your end product is just as beautiful as if you had it done by your very own graphic designer. Take a look at our important printing tips page for specific items you may want to note.

• Can I mess up the template design when I customize it?

Our funeral program templates are designed so that the only thing you have to do is change the font text and add your loved one’s photo. The background design is safely secured so if you follow the customization instructions we provide, you will not have to worry about messing up the integrity of the design. But if for some reason it happens, you can contact us and we are happy to assist.

• What if I don’t want to customize it myself, can you help with that?

Yes––for a small fee, we can do the customizing for you if you would like. Just email all the information and we’ll typeset and insert photos as needed. We will then email you back the final design and all you need to do is print or take it to a printer. Here are some customer testimonials with customers who have used our customization services.

• I can’t open up the template, Microsoft Word quits and does not open the file.

Check to make sure you are running Microsoft Word version 2003 and up. If you are running on an older version and try to open the template file, it will open and then will unexpectedly quit. If however, you are running on a current version and still experience problems, sometimes it could be an incomplete download. Try downloading the file again but remember, all links provided expire after 24 hours of issuance. If you are running an older version than Microsoft 2003, please contact us and we will provide you with a compatible version.

• Is it possible to print these programs with only color on the front cover and black and white on the inside page?

Yes, it is possible to do so and you save on ink color as well if your printing many programs. Here’s how to do it:

1. Print your inside black and white first before you print the color cover.
2. Set your printer to print GRAYSCALE (all printers depending on manufacturer should have this setting). Test it out first to make sure it prints black and white
3. Print the inside page withe copies you want.
Then proceed printing the color cover, make sure you set your printer back to color mode before printing the cover.

• There is a white uneven border all around my template when I print it. How can I get rid of this?

This occurs with Microsoft 2003 and is read from the print driver of your printer. It also occurs when your printer does not have the “borderless” option. Double check your page setup and see if you are able to select a letter size borderless paper as an option. If not, then your printer does not have this option.  We provide a step by step instruction in our Microsoft Help Guide to correct this issue for  Microsoft Word 2003!

• When I open up the template in Microsoft Word 2003, the layout is odd and I see a jumbled mess!

The view layout may be set incorrectly. Select VIEW > PRINT LAYOUT and your template will display as it should. There will be 2 pages. The cover and back are on one page and the inside page is on Page 2. You can now edit as normal.

• What is a Memorial Web Page?

We offer a Memorial Web Page special tribute for your loved one with a customized design that celebrates his/her life. This page is offered at a flat rate of $250 and you do not need to obtain a domain name or hosting. We provide all of that for you and you can have a webpage for a year that consists of a slideshow, photo collages, biography, accomplishments of your loved one. It can provide more details than what may be on your funeral program and you can give the webpage address to all your attendees as well as state it in your funeral program. It’s a great idea for those who may not have been able to attend the funeral service. For more information on a memorial web page, check out our page dedicated to this service.