Funeral Paper Products

Funeral Paper Products

Posted by Admin on Mar 11th 2019

What exactly are funeral paper products? Well, they are funeral related paper used for any service that offers a preprinted design with a blank canvas on the other side for you to create and personalize your own information. This type of paper is often used by families to save money on printing costs. Because the color of the design or background is already printed on the paper, you just need to enter text and an optional photo on the inside and back page to complete the program.

There are many ways to create a funeral program for a loved one and The Funeral Program Site offers you all the options to do so guaranteed to provide professional results with minimal effort.

Our funeral paper products come in a variety of background designs from the original artwork of Thomas Kinkade® to lovely outdoor and faith based presentations. Purchasing funeral paper is a cost effect method and alternative to printing a file at a local print shop.

Since we’ve done the costly part for you (printing the color based artwork), all you need to do is run our paper through any black or white home printer and use very little ink to do so. The paper costs also ends up being much less expensive than a cost per copy.

Funeral paper products helps you create funeral programs, bookmarks, memorial cards, and funeral prayer cards. Every paper you purchase in our online superstore includes a free PDF editable template that aligns perfectly with our funeral paper.

We’ve create a special video just for you on our wonderful line of funeral program paper. View it below and subscribe to our channel to view more of our upcoming visual displays. All the paper you see within this video is available at our online superstore under the PAPER tab in the main navigation bar.

Of course, we are always here to assist should you need it. After you purchase the paper, you will be emailed our editable PDF file template. Our template was created with ease of use in mind, so the layout is not very flexible in terms of you being able to move text and photo boxes. But we’ve created for maximum ease, no hassles or headaches! We promise.

Here’s how it works: Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. This software works on both MAC and Windows computers. If you don’t have it, you don’t need to purchase the fancy version just the basic will do. You can easily download it here for free and install it.

Next, open your PDF template in Adobe Reader and begin editing the light blue text boxes. The boxes are preset within our template so you cannot move them around but the good news is they will not shift and you can be sure the alignment will always be on point. Inserting a photo is super easy.

Just click on the photo box and your computer will ask you where the file is. Just navigate over to where it is located on your computer hard drive and click on it. It will instantly be inserted into the photo box. If it appears distorted in any way, we recommend you crop it 3” x 3” to ensure a proper fit.

Load your funeral program paper into your printer, either in the manual or pull out tray. Each printer is different on which way to place the paper. We recommend you test it before inserting your paper into the tray and risk wasting your purchase. Use a scratch paper and write cover on the cover side and then put it into your tray. 

Print your PDF file and see if it prints on the correct page. If not, you need to flip or turn the paper. Sometimes you will need to guess which way and do try by error. But once you get it, make sure you put a sticker on your printer and write a note to yourself which way is up for the paper feed. It will save you a lot of headaches later, should you have to do this again in the future.

The template is set up for a double sided print. If your printer is not one that prints front and back at the same time, you will need to print one page at a time then flip the paper over to print the other side.

Once your program has printed, you can then just fold it directly in half. You can enlist the help of other family members to assist in the folding in desired. The program is now ready for distribution at any wake, funeral or memorial service.

The paper weight varies depending on the type of printed product but ranges between medium to heavier in weight. It is not similar to copy paper which is pretty thin and when printed can have a “see through” effect. Copy paper is weighted at 20 lbs. whereas, our printed funeral paper products range anywhere between 24-80 lb. text weight. I know most people don’t know what those feel like but the important thing to note is that our papers are not the same weight as copy paper.

Funeral program paper can be a worthwhile project when having the task of creating a funeral program for a loved one. If your looking for something somewhere in between a DIY and an all inclusive, full design and print service, this is the best option.