Funeral Poem Copyrights

Mar 20th 2018

We have a large selection of funeral poems listed within our online library for you to reference and find comfort during a time of loss. Many customers have inquired about using them for commercial purposes or personal use. We do not own these poems but have been given permission by the writer to post them on our website.

If you would like to incorporate them into your program template, please make reference to the writer of the poem. If you plan on other uses for commercial purposes, you will need to obtain permission from the writer themselves. We cannot provide that for you. We have had the pleasure of meeting many talented poets and are honored to have their work displayed on our website.

It is not permissible to modify the wording or lines in the poems in any way as this violates the copyright of the writer. Think about it, would you want anyone rewriting or changing wording you've written? I would not. It's important to respect the writers by not altering their hard earned work in any fashion.

Poems are a form of comfort, especially during a time of loss. The eloquence of wording that is written is a wonderful way to seek peace in our hearts. Somehow hearing the rhythmic formation of the wording, soothes the deepest part of our grieving soul. We categorize all our poetry into categories so you are able to view and find ones most appropriate for your particular loved one.