Funeral Poems for Dad Come in All Shapes and Forms

Funeral Poems for Dad Come in All Shapes and Forms

Posted by admin on Apr 11th 2019

For many people, a funeral is the chance to come together and celebrate the life of a loved one lost. It can also be a sending off, a time to say our final goodbyes and wish our loved one well as they travel on to the afterlife. There are many ways we can do this – through prayer, through music, through candlelight wakes or the sharing of favorite stories. Many people turn to poetry for the right words to capture the meaning they want to put into their loved one’s funeral, which is why we have a wide collection of funeral poems for Dad, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa, and anyone else you want to honor and remember at your service.

We offer custom transparent funeral poem word art that can be added either to your personal documents or to any of our custom templates. The images are sizable, allowing you to fit them in where ever you like and are compatible with any computer and any software, so you won’t have any trouble using them.

We offer several different poems to fill a variety of needs. The best funeral poems for Dad like our “I Haven't Really Left You Funeral Poem Word Art” bring the comfort of fatherly advice and remind us that dad is still with us even if he’s moved on. Funeral poems for Mom, such as the “Don't Spend Too Much Time Funeral Poem Word Art,” remind us to be happy for her as she joins Jesus above us. If you’re looking for a funeral poem for a lover, we suggest one like the “Miss Me But Let Me Go Funeral Poem Word Art,” which asks us to accept the Master’s plan and reminds us that it is not wrong to let someone go.

The “Death Is A Heartache Funeral Poem Word Art” reminds us of the mark our love for the person we’ve lost has left on our hearts and in our minds, forever with us even after death. And finally, the “My Life On Earth Funeral Poem Word Art” leaves a hopeful note in our hearts because we know our loved one has moved on to a better place.

These poems can be incorporated into funeral programs, memorial cards, announcement letters, bulletins, bookmarks, and anything else you can imagine. If you don’t want to go through the process of implementing them yourself, or if you’re not confident in your ability to, we do offer a customization service with all of our templates. By choosing this service, you can leave the work to our professional designer and request that they incorporate the poem word art of your choice into the template.

We also offer prayer cards printed with scripture or prayers to be used during a wake or funeral, as well as a variety of bookmarks that can be taken home and used for years to come. These bookmarks come in a range of materials, including aluminum metal and suede leather, and can be handed out to your family and friends as parting gifts at the funeral. We offer our suede leather bookmarks in eight different colors: Tan, Gray, Black, Rawhide, Brown, Pink, Blue, and Teal. Choose your loved one’s favorite color or a color that holds significance among your friends and family, or pick a color that you feel best fits the poem or scripture of the bookmark.

You’ll find all of the poems we mentioned above in bookmark form, as well as the “Fallen Limb” poem that comes printed on the plantable bookmarks, the popular “We Thought of You” funeral poem, the spiritual poem “I’m Free,” and three other poem options. Alternatively, you can choose one of four scripture bookmarks instead, including Psalm 23 and Footprints in the Sand.

At the bottom of any of these bookmarks, we will print two lines of your own text – for example, you can choose to personalize the bookmark with the phrase “In loving memory” above your loved one’s name, or you can choose to use the first line for their name and the second line for the dates of their life. Or write your own memorial message, perhaps a favorite quote of your loved one’s, or something they were known for saying.

Finally, if Dad was a green thumb or a lover of flowers, perhaps one of the better funeral poems for Dad is one printed on a plantable bookmark which can be handed out to everyone who attends his funeral. For these bookmarks, we print the “Fallen Limb” poem on the reusable bookmark and attach a removable, plantable paper shape of your choice to each bookmark. These shapes are filled with wildflower seeds and can be planted in a home garden or a flower pot so that Dad can still bring the beauty and joy of flowers and nature to everyone in your family.

Our funeral poems come in a wide range of styles and options, which you can further customize to your liking if you opt for our word art options. If at any point you ever need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We are here for you.