Funeral Prayer Card Template For Word

Funeral Prayer Card Template For Word

Posted by Admin on May 7th 2019

Creating your own funeral prayer cards can be quite easy if you utilize one of our ready-made template files. It will definitely help make things easier when given the task of creating this little memorial handout. Most people use word to do the editing within the template because it is a convenient software since it is already installed in almost all of computers. Word is also compatible on a Windows or MAC operating system and you can interchange the template file between the two.

The prayer card template provides the layout and background design in a predesigned file. You will only need to edit the filler text and insert your photo if you desire to include one. A photo is not necessary and is strictly left up to the family to decide if they want to include a picture on the front or back of the prayer card.

You don’t need any creative skills that’s for sure since the creative foundation has already been laid. You might need to know your way around Microsoft Word some but not nearly as much as if you were creating it from scratch. A template can eliminate much stress in the production since you are mainly just tweeting the text. Inserting your photo may be the most challenging but it really isn’t difficult if you follow the proper procedures on how to insert it correctly.

Most people get hung up because they copy and paste into the Word document, which is a big no-no! That can easily mess up your layout. Word wasn’t designed for a copy-paste procedure. It has specific ways to do things and if they are not done properly, it could cause issues or problems with your template file.

Here is our latest short template video on how to use our funeral prayer card templates for Word. We take you right inside our template so you can see exactly what you are getting! 

The prayer card templates for Word at The Funeral Program Site are professional grade, ready-made files that include a full color background on the front, and text. Each side includes text boxes but you are free not to use them if desired. Our templates are very flexible, unlike others online.

We prepare our templates in an 8-up fashion or 8 prayer cards per sheet of paper. You can print them front and back or just print one side if you do not want any writing on the back side. Because there are multiples on a page, you will need to copy and paste your personalized text 8 times in each card space. 

You can’t copy and paste the photo so you will need to insert it into the designated box once then copy the entire box to the next card and so on. Alternatively, you can do the insert photo procedure eight times if you’d rather.

Once you are finished editing the funeral prayer card template, you can print it on your own home printer or take it to a copy shop. You will need to select the paper weight next. You can choose 110 card stock or a 24 lb. text weight if you are going to laminate them afterwards. Cards that are not laminated can be printed on a thicker paper since they will need to be able to stand up against the sands of time.

It’s important to note that the paper needs to be white and not another color such as pink or blue. The reason for this is you don’t want the paper color interfering with the template’s background color or your photo’s color. It will add a strange hue to the colors in your subject’s photo and background. So be sure its pure white so it doesn’t have any conflicts in coloration.

Once you print it, you will need to now separate the prayer cards. Because there are eight of them on a piece of paper, you will have to cut them to make them individual. It could be a tedious job if you are printing a lot of cards. So some suggestions might be to enlist the help of someone to do this job. If you print it at a copy shop you can have them cut it after they print. Keep in mind that you will be charged additional for the cutting fee.

Another great option is to purchase our  perforated prayer card paper especially for prayer cards! We have them in a card stock weight and you can easily separate them because they have the hole perforation. Just run it through your printer and tear to separate the cards. Our paper is made especially for our funeral prayer card templates. 

If you purchase a template from another competing and less quality website, they will not align properly and you may have to do some adjustments. If the prayer card template was not purchased at our online superstore, we do not provide printing technical support if it is not our template file.

Using a perforated paper makes all the difference in the world! Less headaches and the job completed is our goal with our paper. This is the best option our of the three given above because its the fastest and less costly for you. You can find our paper for prayer cards under our Paper tab, then Accessories in our main navigation.

We have it all to help you with the preparation of printed memorials!