A Funeral Program Example With No Photo

A Funeral Program Example With No Photo

Posted by Admin on Mar 5th 2019

Let’s take a look at a funeral program example today. It is important to see an actual program sample of a product before purchasing it but sometimes that’s not always possible. We create our videos so you can see our programs actually printed. Looking at examples online is great but let’s face it, many of the images are photoshopped into looking their best. It makes you wonder if that’s what the real deal looks like. I know before I make any purchases online, I try and look for a video so I can see it without all the perfection of a photoshopped image.

Well, we are going to do a case study on one of our funeral program designs which we call “Graceful”. This is a bifold or center fold program printed on a letter size sheet of paper, front and back.  In this way, you know exactly what you will be getting, how you can use it and why The Funeral Program Site is a family go-to favorite for quality templates and  personalized memorial gifts. We have been in the business and online for over a decade and we are certain you will see why we stand out from all the “template” sites out there.

In this example, our program style is a lovely outdoor theme with an amazing graceful and cascading waterfall flowing down a rocky ravine. It is a very natural landscape with nature’s beauty abounding in all its glory! The picturesque scene looks like it is set in a wooded forest which surrounds this lake of flowing streams.

Sometimes, my words do not accurately depict what my eyes see but one thing I know for sure, this one is a beauty. As I look upon its landscape background, I can almost hear the flowing and rushing of the water. I am always amazed at professional photographers who can capture the flowing water in this graceful and elegant way because I certainly have never been able to achieve it on my own photo skills!

All of our downloadable templates come with a free word art front cover title. If you wish to change the title than what comes with it, you can! Just simply move or remove the title by deleting it or moving it to another page. Create a text box and enter the title you wish such as "A Homegoing Celebration". We also have other pre-designed fancy titles in our  funeral program titles word art collection.

Our program design is created with no photos used throughout the whole bulletin and is a purely text document with the only color being our lovely funeral program background. Sometimes families do not want to include a photo for whatever reason and we respect that. That is why our programs are created with maximum versatility in mind. Whether you use no photo as in this example or a full blown photo collage, our ready-made templates are able to accommodate any choice the family wishes.

This is a perfect choice for the outdoor lover or those who appreciate God’s creation. The full color background on the front has a coordinating landscape on the back as well. If you do not want any background image on the back page, you can simply remove or delete it and set your text on the white background instead.

If you choose to do that and take it to a local printer to get printed, the charge for color per page remains the same. Removing the back page color is a good idea if you print it on your own home printer because it conserves ink.

This design was created with the body text in a legible script that adds elegance and movement to the page. It’s important for the text to look lovely since there are no accompanying photos in this program. Our graphic designers know how to make text look great and beautiful.

We do offer this  funeral program background in many different layouts that are available in a DIY template format. With any of our templates, you can certainly add our special customization service if you need a designer’s professional service.

The inside of our program contains an obituary of the loved one or life biography which is written on the inside left of the program. The adjacent page is the order of service information with the event written to the left and who is presenting or speaking on the right of it. You can separate the two with a dotted border, if desired or just leave spacing in-between.

The back page contains a special poem of remembrance along with the funeral home who is handling the final arrangements of service. The back page text is written in black ink and set upon a transparent box so that you are able to read it while still have the lovely colorful background behind it.

The template does come with a photo box on the front cover and if you use a photo, may hide the waterfall slightly. You can position the photo box anywhere on the front cover so it is not in a “fixed” position. If you choose not to have the photo on the cover, you can do an all text program, like this one or you can put the photo on the inside of the program along with the obituary.

There is no time limit on the number of times you use our template files. You can use them as many times as you like for the one time download price given. Just save the template onto your computer and duplicate it to create a new program in the future.

A template is a great time-saver and we’re here to support you as much as you need. We are an established company with a heart behind what we do. So don’t worry, we’ll help you get the project done and honor your loved one as they deserve.

If your in the market for matching memorials, we have that too. In fact, our memorials can match the background or theme you like or on the program you produce.