Funeral Program For Children

Jul 7th 2018

Losing a child should never have to happen to anyone. It can be a devastating time in a parents life. Finding an age appropriate funeral program background design can be challenging. The program needs to be sensitive to the loss but at the same time give some comfort to the grieving family members.  There are a variety of backgrounds for kids or youth starting from baby to the teen years. The choice should reflect the child in a way that pays a final respect and tribute to their short life.

The Funeral Program Site children's collection of templates especially created for little ones offers a variety of design backdrops that can range in age from the very small to the almost adult age child. It's not easy designing a background that services a young individual but one that is necessary. That is why our selection is done with the utmost care and consideration. Unlike many template websites out there, our designs are not just thrown together. We craft each one with a lot of thought and process so the end result is one that looks well thought out and designed.

The types of programs can vary in design depending on the age of the child. Here are some ideas on what to look for when searching and shopping for a funeral program. Whether you do-it-yourself or have someone design it for you, the final product should look consistent with your theme.

Babies/New Born

The age group is under one years old or babies not yet at the walking stage. Baby backdrops can comprise of soft pastel coloring and small accents of infant related items such as a bottle, blanket, rattle, crib mobile, eyelet lacing or bib. Cherubim angels are a nice touch sitting on top of soft billowy clouds for a reminder of their heavenly home. Typically baby related programs do not display brighter colors because baby related products are small and delicate so must the overall appearance of the program itself. The sizing can be a memorial card size or the traditional letter size bifold. Because the program does not require a copious amount of room due to the age of the infant, there may or may not be an obituary. The parents may opt to write something short in 1-2 paragraphs and include a few photos. So given this, the program can be small which is also a subtle representation of a tiny baby. 


This age group of a toddler is from the walking stage 1.5 years to 3 years old. They are not considered babies but more of a walking toddler. The background design embellishments appropriate for this age group are teddy bears, soft binkie blankets (stuffed animal attached to a blanket), or a small toy. The angel cherubim is also a good candidate for faith based additions.

rom exclusive line of children’s funeral programs this adorable memorial keepsake program displays a bright, colorful and playful theme. Your loved one’s photo will be displayed in an oval frame amidst the sweet background. The design layout consists of a flower and hearts theme. The back of the cover continues the playful background that is perfect for a poem or short obituary/biography.The main colors for this memorial template are yellow, blue, green. The inside displays complimentary background color of blue bordered with yellow accent to display the order of service program.