Printing Service Comparison

Printing Service Comparison

Posted by Admin on Sep 22nd 2018

The Funeral Program Site takes pride in our quality funeral program printing services because we work hard at producing the best printed memorials to properly honor a loved one's life. We strive to create a website that offers both a variety of services and memorial products because we know time is often of the essence when in the midst of funeral planning. Our one-stop shop allows just that. However you need help, you can be sure our company and team are here to assist you in as much or as little as you need our help!

We've been around the block a few times in what we do since our company has been established for over a decade servicing the death care community. We are constantly looking for new and unique memorials (most we create and manufacture ourselves so you can shop on a site that provides it all). Our customers and bereaved families always come first and it's an important part of who we are and the type of business we run. Our creative juices are always going and we are weekly added new designs, templates, and memorials to our website. We want to be able to offer anyone and everyone something that fits their loved one's personality and/or the life they led.

There are a ton of printing companies online and locally that can print your printed memorials for you and depending on your needs and timeframe, its important to see at a glance what is offered and what is not. We understand that sometimes you are not always in the right frame of mind after suffering a loss, so we try and take the guess work out of the equation and offer families a place they can go to without having to comb through numerous websites that offering a bunch of articles or information but not much else in terms of getting actual help.

We hear you. We know those sites that write up a bunch of articles or web pages just to bring in the traffic and get them to buy their mediocre templates which doesn't provide the support should you need it. We look at our competitors who love to copy our business model and learn from their mistakes or shortcomings. We also make it a priority to "one up" them as much as possible. Many copy all our template layouts and services but really, they don't even come close to the quality and assistance given by our site.

So to make a long story, short, this is your one stop shop! This is where you'll find help in times of need from friendly, caring people who are willing to assist you no matter what the need. Our printing services is just one area in which we provide the best and all-inclusive help families need. We've compiled this comparison printing chart indicating the most needed services families want vs. the big players in the industry who provide printing as well in a local environment. If you are experiencing a tight timeframe, by all means––it is wise to get your printed memorials locally done. Just enlist the help of someone who can be with you for the additional footwork needed (reviewing hardcopy proof, pickup, dropoff, etc).

Creating the final celebration of life program for a loved one is not always the easiest task. You don't want to just put anything together just to have something to hand out. This program is really the last item given as a handout that represents their entire life in a nutshell. So you want it to be a fitting memorial because in realty, most people keep this program more than any other type of bulletin out there. It is something to be remembered and cherished and never something left on the pew! 

When it comes to the creation of printed memorials, we are the experts and the leader in the industry. We have the largest variety of services and products anywhere online and this is what we do. We specialize in funeral and memorials period. Serving the families in need is our business and you can rest assured you will see the difference as well as the quality in our work.